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Getting closer to buying a condo!


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I can NOT believe how long it's taken me to get this stupid house ready to go. We've decluttered, cleaned out the basement, taken 5 trips to storage, taken 3 trips to Salvation Army, replaced both bedroom floors, and had two realtors come out for market analyses. I plan to list next week and put in an offer on a lovely, completely redone 3 br/2 ba one level townhouse-style condo. I've seen the mortgage guy and I'm pre-approved! I just need this house to sell. 


I think I'm in a pretty good position. The Pink Palace I mentioned a while back is still on the market, but with a new realtor. She told me she's pretty sure with a good offer, she can work in a flooring allowance, since no one on the planet other than the seller of this place wants raspberry sherbet carpet in their entire house. The newly listed 3 br is a flipped foreclosure and it's all redone with new hardwood, tile and carpet (bedrooms), new granite counter tops, new bathroom vanities, and the best feature of all is the garage opens to a mudroom/laundry room, which is connected to the kitchen. The Pink Palace is significantly less expensive, but it only has 2br, needs some updating, and the garage doesn't open to the house itself, which could be a drag in the winter. 


The living/dining areas in both units are very close in sq. footage, and the kitchens have very similar amounts of storage; they're just designed differently. I do like the idea of a mudroom!


Hopefully, by Thanksgiving, I'll be moved! Trying to get this finished while working and taking two classes has been...stressful, to say the least. 

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What I learned from living in an condo building is to check out the financials for a large enough reserve and any engineering reserve studies to make sure the place is in good shape. Also, never choose to live on first or second floor IMHO because if the sewage line from toilets above your units get blocked up they could back up all over your first floor unit! This happened here and so much so that the sewage even went out into the common hallways! I am grateful we live on a higher floor.

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