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HELP my Senior needs 1 more math credit....

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We have BOTH algebra with LOF...equiv to Alg 1 and 2, MUS Geometry.... even though he did pretty good with LOF Algebra his MUS placement for Pre-Calc placed him back in Alg 2.  He says he's just rusty... he went back over the answers and he's still stumped at how they came to a few of the answers.  I don't know what to do now.... go ahead with Pre-Calc anyway and if we get stuck review the algebra?  I was looking into Consumer Math but they seem SO EASY.... and definitely NOT a challenge for him. 


His plans are a 2 yr degree in Computer Programming and one of the math classes he needs is Pre-Calc OR Quantative Literacy.... so even if he struggles with MUS pre-calc this year he will basically be repeating it in college and if he does well then he can take the OTHER math course offered.


Any advice? Suggestions?



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do you have any suggestions for a thorough review online? We didn't keep the LOF books because I knew my younger 2 would not use them.


Unless he totally bombed, I would just use the problems missed on the placement test as your ways of finding topics to review. Don't do a thorough review of all of algebra 2.


For each topic, search for it on PatrickJMT.com and watch the videos.


Note that what goes in Algebra 2 versus Precalc does vary a bit based on curriculum vendor, so it is possible that he missed a topic that wasn't in LoF Algebra 2 but was in MUS Algebra 2.

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