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Anyone have any experience with the "trackers" that help you find lost objects?


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Here's an example of one:https://www.thetileapp.com/how-it-works


I am looking into it for an older  family member who is becoming forgetful (never was before) but I am also curious for myself since I've spent probably months of my life looking for keys, etc. that I had in my hand not 30 seconds ago.  :glare:  One of the benefits of ADHD traits: you get in a lot of extra "steps" per day on your Fitbit just looking for things! 


I am not a good "techie" person, so I would really like to get recommendations, pros & cons before I buy. 



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Haha. Figures. Maybe it's a kind of technological "placebo effect"? How does it work?

You need a device with bluetooth on it like a smartphone.  The phone keeps track of it and if you loose the item with the pebblebee attached you can use the phone to find it.  The FAQs on the link I gave upthread will explain it better (they are under the Contact section).

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