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Apologia Astronomy Questions


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I can not seem to find our rhythm with science.  I HATE experiments and my kids do also.  We spend a lot of time at the local science center doing lots of hands on things so we all feel that the experiments are a waste of time.  Anyway... since we can't find something that doesn't include experiments (and works for us) we have decided to go back to Apologia.  It will just be my 6th grade DD doing it and I have a few questions for those of you who have used this program;

1.) Can a sixth grader read the text on their own?

2.) Does the note booking journal include a 2 day schedule?

3.) How many weeks is the note booking journal scheduled for?

4.) If you follow the 2 day a week schedule, how long does a lesson take you?

5.) Do you feel the note booking journal or any of the lap books allow the students to work independently?

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1.) Yes, my fourth grader is using it on her own.

2.) Yes, it is a two day schedule.

3.) 28 weeks

4.) My fourth grader says it takes her usually around 30 min to complete.

5.) My fourth and sixth graders both use it completely independently.  I give them the option of doing the experiments if they wish, but they are required to do all the written work in the NJ and the oral narrations, and they always complete the lap-booking activities.  They LOVE the notebook journals.  It is their favorite subject.

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