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Good News and a Question

Pamela H in Texas

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We were approved for a house.  It is in McKinney, Texas.  I know NOTHING about McKinney, but it cuts hubby's drive in half, the price was right, the house has a way to do 7 bedrooms, and we're happy :)


Soooo many other things positive have happened because of this; but it is too much for me to explain.  I will say that I think I'm stronger spiritually than ever now.  Amazing, really!  


Anyway, no word about Wyatt's uncle or new sibling.  Just waiting....But he is going to have the cutest little nursery in the new house!  LOL


ETA: I do have a question.  Obviously we have a pretty large family.  Our new pantry is about half (if that) of what we have now.  Any ideas that really work well on pantry organization when space is limited?

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