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Reading Response/Book Report Ideas


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Awhile ago, I posted asking for some ideas on managing screen time.  Well we came up with a plan for our kids to earn screen time and one of the main ways to do so, is to read a book a complete a book report/reading response.  


What are your favorite book report/reading response templates?  What aspects would you include?


**This is for our two 4th graders**


So far, I'm thinking:


Title, author, etc.

Main characters  ~or~  Tell me all about your favorite character


2-3 new vocab words and their definitions



Any other aspects I might want to consider?  



Now...they can also read a nonfiction book and complete a report on that as well.  But those are a bit different. 


For the Nonfiction reports, I'm thinking:






Sections/Chapters you read:


Topic/Main idea of the text


Write two paragraphs detailing interesting facts that you learned.


Provide a resource you could use if you wanted to learn more about the topic.  (Reference)


Choose two new vocabulary words and provide definitions.

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Our 5th grade daughter just finished a reading comprehension class. Their book report was different than what I remember doing. The first paragraph had the book info, title, author...and stated 2 different topics (or character traits if it was a biography) that were included in the book. On the 2nd paragraph they developed one of the topics (or traits) by giving examples found in the book. Third paragraph developed the other topic or trait. A conclusion paragraph summing it all up. It was definitely different to what I've seen or done for reports.

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My kids requested book reports when I asked for ideas to improve our homeschool! So I wanted to keep it enjoyable for them. They read a ton, and we discuss books regularly, so I'm going at it from that perspective. But they get to rotate their book report format from the following choices ( have to rotate though and do all before another a second time). they love it so far.


1. Standard book report outline- fill in title, author, characters and something about them, setting, 5 things about the story ( in order), what they liked, if they'd recommend etc


2. Make a puppet of your favorite character


3. Make a movie style poster advertising the book


4. Make a mini picture book, about 8-10 pages, drawing scenes and writing captions from the story, that tell the story in brief.


5. 3-5 paragraph about the book ( I have some guidelines for them, but can't remember right now)

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