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It's the little things...

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Just wanted to say Praise God - my daughter is finally remembering her subtraction facts (year round schooling, here we come...), we are finished with all of our assigned schoolwork for today!!! and my toddler fell asleep for an impromptu nap after waking up at 5AM... 


This mama's tired but pleased with how the week ended!

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Had to take DS to the dentist.  I ran out of time to walk DD through school stuff to do while I was gone so I jotted a quick note and told her we would tackle whatever she wasn't sure of when I got back.  I got back and she had finished all but one thing on her own.  She figured out from what we did yesterday where she should go today and just did it.  Yeah!


And you are right, some days things that really don't seem like that big a deal are the things that get us through, see the bright side.  :)

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