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So far we love FLL but...


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I am totally new here, but have been using FLL as well (and just started WWE).  I started mid last-year with my first grader.  Starting second grade three weeks ago, she had 25 lessons left in level 1 and we'll soon be moving on to level 2.  I have found that I often just try to reinforce the things she is learning naturally through reading other things (talking about action verbs, nouns....asking her to remind me of the abbreviations for things when I'm writing something....etc).  So far it feels very gentle which is probably OK for now.  I feel like I'll worry about it "sticking" when we get into third and fourth grade writing.  We also like to see who can remember the poems more accurately (she wins every time) and I will randomly challenge her to that.  I would take heart, if I were you, and know that your son is probably going to be OK.  If you find in the second level that it isn't "sticking" then perhaps some more practice with other programs may be in order.  

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