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East Valley, AZ learners?

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Hello! We just moved to Mesa, AZ a few weeks ago. This will be our first year using a Classical approach (we have used Sonlight up until now). I have three boys (ages 8, 6, and 4) and a baby girl (13 mos). We would love to meet up with some other Classical learners in the area!

Anyone nearby?



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I will be back in Arizona in a few weeks, after 5 years in the swamps of Virginia!  Okay, we're coming out of swamp season now -- I'm going to miss the autumn weather with the leaves changing colors and the magical walks in the woods during the winter snowfalls!  BUT I'm excited about returning to the East Valley. 


While I consider myself a classical educator, I'm actually contemplating BookShark 5 this coming year for my 10 & 13yo...

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We're in Tempe.


I'm in Tempe!  I've tried for years to get the homeschoolers I know in Tempe to coordinate some sort of park day/field trip type group.  We seem to be an independent bunch.  :- )

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I always forget about this section of the WTM Forum. Not really sure why!


We're actually in north Phoenix but willing to travel to meet up with friends!


Anyone planning on going to the Renaissance Festival this year?

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