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AoPS pre-Algebra or AoPS Algebra?

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Posting this for a friend:


I'm stuck in my math decision making process. Gene did the Saxon math placement test and blew through the algebra readiness.  I had him do the algebra 2 test out of curiosity, but he could only do about half the problems. He also did the AoPS algebra readiness, and scored exactly what they say is needed (the minimum) to start the algebra book.  I agree with you that he needs a deeper understanding of math, but I also don't want to frustrate him to the point of tears.  Would you suggest we start the AoPS and revert to Saxon if it's too hard?


Her son Gene, age 11, is VERY good at math. In fact, he is the most mathematically talented youngster I've met. And he loves challenging math problems. I absolutely believe he belongs in AoPS not Saxon, but maybe AoPS Algebra is too much at this point. Would it make sense for him to start with AoPS Pre-Algebra? Or he could start with AoPS Algebra and then move back to AoPS Pre-Algebra if necessary?





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Hm... I think I'd go with prealg and let him test out using chapter reviews if it's too easy. Moving up if needed has universally been an easier transition for my kids than having to move back if the work is too difficult.

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