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Is anyone schooling an Oppositional Defiant Child?

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I did hs my ds, now 22, all the way through.  He had/has adhd, dyslexia, and was diagnosed ODD as a child and now bipolar as an adult.  It was incredibly hard.  It was part of the reason I had to put my other children in school.  It completely burned me out, and I ended up suffering depression.  Lots of self-care if you do continue to homeschool.  My son is my 2nd child so I had lots of littles after him and that added to my stress. 

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My 9 year old has OCD and ODD.  It has been a huge challenge.  He is in therapy currently and just recently started taking medication.  On Monday he is going for an Autism evaluation to see if that might be the underlying cause of his defiant behavior.


He has improved over time as we learn techniques to use for him, but I wouldn't say it has ever been easy.  Keeping a strict routine and letting him have a lot of advance notice of any changes has been the biggest help during school, but I still run into quite a bit of refusal and defiance.

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Your post caught my eye, because my son (and we along with him) suffered from this for years. We found this book helpful: Transform Your Child.


The author's website offers free articles. I have not read these, but you might find something applicable here: Child Behavior Problems.





Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child



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