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what is your history plan for all of High School

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Please share with me either what your history plan is or was for all 4 years of High School.  I am trying to map out what I need to do.  I have a 9th grader this year and this is the only subject I have left to figure out.  Please help me.


I am interested in exactly what curriculum you are using too.  



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We came to homeschooling late and began in 7th grade.  We allowed my daughter the decision of whether or not to homeschool each year, so we took things on a year by year basis.  I'd describe our homeschooling as WTM inspired; however, I elected to do a three year run through world history.

In 7th grade, my daughter covered Pre-history to about AD500.

In 8th grade, my daughter studied the time period AD500 to about AD1700.

In 9th, she did an at home WTM inspired world history study of the time period from 1700 to 2000.  (I'd be happy to share the myriad resources that we used that year, if you're interested.)



Ninth grade was the last year she did history at home.


In 10th, she took an out of the home AP US History class which used Bailey's American Pageant.

In 11th grade, my daughter had an out of the home AP Comparative Gov't and Politics class.

Her interests in high school led her to emphasize foreign languages at the expense of history; there were only so many hours in a day! Her high school record looked like this:

9th: World History from 1700 to 2000 (at home, the third year of her chronological sweep through history)
10th: AP US History (out of the home class)
11th: AP Comparative Politics and Government (out of the home class)


You might not classify it as history, but she also did

12th: Art History (quarter long class at the community college)


We had access to excellent AP teachers at a free homeschooling resource center, and that was part of what decided our history choices during the high school years.




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So far my plans are… 


8th- Ancients (Using History of the Ancient World with Study and Teaching Guide and supplementing with Teaching Company Videos)

9th- Medieval and Renaissance

10th- US and World through 1900

11th- US History AP

12th- ??? Not sure.


I am really only sure about this year and next. The others are guesses and depend on dd's interest level and whether or not she wants to do APUSH. 


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This is an area that doesn't really need much of a four-year plan. Even in public schools around here there is a lot of variety in what students take.

I am using Kolbe for any history that isn't outsourced.



9 - Ancient History (outsourced)

10 - US History (outsourced)

11 - Anthropology, Sustainability, Economics (outsourced)

12 - Art History & ??? (outsourced)




9 - Early Modern History (Kolbe) & Psychology (outsourced)

10 - Modern History (Kolbe) & US Civics (Kolbe)



11 - Theatre History & Humanities elective (outsourced)

12 - Film History & Humanities elective (outsourced)

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9th grade:  History of the Ancient World and Teaching Guide by Susan Wise Bauer, plus readings from Usborne History of the Ancient World (for that visual aspect) and Nystrom Atlas of World History

10th grade:  History of the Medieval World and Teaching Guide by SWB, plus readings from Usborne Viking World and Medieval World and Nystrom Atlas of World History

11th grade:  History of the Renaissance World and hopefully Teaching Guide (if it's out yet) by SWB plus...

12th grade:  Some kind of US History, probably.

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I don't have a particular plan, other than requiring that they do a year of US history, a year of world history, and a year of government/economics, because pretty much every college in our area requires this of incoming freshmen. Beyond that we're pretty student led.



9th: ancient world history (+ ancient Great Books literature)

10th: medieval world history (+ medieval Great Books literature)

11th: American history (+ American Great Books literature)

12th: government/economics (+ tbd literature)



9th: American history (+ American Great Books literature)

10th: world geography (+ Brit lit)

11th: World History overview course (+ a quirky lit course like history of steampunk)

12th: government/economics


Next kid:

whatever interests or path they want to chase when we get there

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#1's history plan:


9th - World History

10th - US History

11th - Human Geography (semester/dual enrollment) / Microeconomics (semester/dual enrollment)

12th - US Politics (semester/dual enrollment) / Western Civilization I (semester/dual enrollment)


#2's history plan:


9th - World Geography (semester)

10th - US History

11th - World History

12th - American Government and Politics (fall semester/dual enrollment) / Arab Cultures (fall semester/dual enrollment)


She'll also take an economics class in the second semester this year.


#3's history plan:


9th - Big History Project World History (using the UC-approved syllabus to ensure we make it a world history credit)


Then in 10th, 11th and 12th, I'll require 1 credit of US history, a semester of government, a semester of economics and at least a semester of geography.


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9th grade: Human Geography (maybe AP test)

10th grade: U.S. History I and Government (this would be for 1.25 credits)

11th grade: US History II and Government (1.25 credits)

12th grade: Economics (maybe at CC)



9th :Human Geography

10th :US History

11th :Government and Econ

12th- nothing


DS will be a STEM major so anymore then 3 credits isn't needed, he'd rather focus on Science and Math.




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DD is in eighth grade this coming year, so we are just beginning to plan this.  DD prefers a roughly 4 year rotation of history, so we are tentatively planning:


9th Grade:  Ancients using SWB "History of the Ancient World"

10th Grade:  Medieval/Renaissance (she doesn't *love* this time period, so we'll skim both briefly)

11th Grade:  American

12th Grade:  World history from 1600-present


We haven't decided on materials for 10th-12th grade yet.  Also, we may do two years of world history in 11th-12th and roll American history into that (which is what we are currently doing for middle school).  I'm troubled by the fact that I can't find dedicated room for government/civics, so I may have to roll that into the American portion of our history or have that be an elective; not sure about that yet.


If there is something amiss with this plan and someone would like to critique it, I'm all ears and appreciative of that!


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This is our plan ... but this is my oldest and he's only just now beginning 10th grade, so take it with a grain of salt ;)

It's not a particularly rigorous sequence, especially compared to some on this board, but so far retention has been good and he's more of a STEM kid anyway.


He has/will read lit to go along with it each year but I roll that into his English credit.


9th - Ancient World History - up to the Fall of Rome

MOH with the youngers at a quick pace and did all of Vol I and some of Vol II

+ Annenberg Learner lectures and Handbook of Today's Religions and World History Detective where relevant

I required one research paper in which he compared/contrasted 2 religions of his choice


10th - Medieval World History - Dark Ages to the North American explorers

MOH rest of Vol II and some of Vol III

same supplements as above but with research paper on the causes/effects of the Reformation


11th - Jamestown through Civil War/Reconstruction

US History in World Context I (.5 credit) - I got that course name from someone on this board ;)

MOH rest of Vol III and some of Vol IV

still watching Annenberg Learner videos but also doing Critical Thinking in US History


US Government (.5 credit)

Not sure yet what I'm going to use here, but maybe the Noble Experiment and write a research paper


12th - Westward Expansion through the Present

US History in World Context II (.5 credit)

MOH rest of Vol IV

Annenberg Learner videos and Critical Thinking in US History


Economics (.5 credit)

probably Teaching Company and writing a research paper



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9th grade was Mexican history. 10th will be Washington DC history which will include things like civil rights, government, and civics. 11th will be the history of Islam and the Muslim world. I haven't decided on 12th grade yet. He won't need to do another history class and we won't be moving to another country that year so there's not an obvious choice like the other years. I'm thinking that doing a really cool intensive geography class would be amazing. I'll probably let ds choose.

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My oldest is starting 9th grade this year, so my high school plans are still in formation, but here's what I'm thinking:


9th: World History to 1500

10th: World History 1500 to present

11th: US History

12th: American Government/Economics


Geography will be incorporated with each year's focus.


Folding my younger dd in at the appropriate time, her history schedule will look like:


9th: US History

10th: Amer. Gov't / Economics

11th: World History to 1500

12th: World History 1500 to present


That's my tentative long range plan. We'll see how it all plays out. :)

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I have four children and I have done it four different ways. My children vary widely in ability and interest so I have used a lot of different things.


Child #1

9th - Year Three of WTM approach (we had started again with Ancients in the 7th grade)  History of the American People by Johnson and Spielvogel Western Civ

10th - Year 4 - continued with the same books. Plus 1 semester of American Government - Great Source Text

11th - Year 1, continued with Spielvogel and added Susan's History of the Ancient World

12th - Year 2, continued Spielvogel and a few other books Susan recommended at the time (her Medieval World was not yet published) plus one semester of Economics - ABeka


Child #2

9th - Year 1 - Susan's Ancient World and a text - World History: Continuity and Change by Hanes pub Holt Rinehart Winston

10th - Year 2 - continued with the World History Text and the other books

11th - US History only, Notgrass with the Teaching Company dvds, plus 1 semester of Government - Great Source

12th - World History (years 1+2) only, continued the Hanes text and added Spielvogel, plus 1 semester of Economics - Notgrass


Child #3

9th - Psychology through The American School

10th - Amsco US History through The American School

11th - World History with the Hanes text - no more American School

12th (this year!) - Great Source Government and Economics for Everybody - Amsco


Child #4

9th  - Barron's Global History Vol 1

10th (this year!) - Barron's Global History Vol 2

11th - likely Notgrass US History with the Teaching Company dvds

12th - either Great Source Government/Amsco Economics or maybe Notgrass




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older child, now 14 and just started his freshman year:


9th: Ancient and Medieval world history/geography/writing

          History of the Ancient World (by SWB), History of the Medieval World (SWB), DK History encyclopedia, the Timetables of History, and a reading selection from the high school portion of The Well Trained Mind


10th: Early Modern and Modern world history

          History of the Rennaisance World (SWB), then ??, World's Greatest Speeches (book and DVD), Timetables of History, DK History Encyclopedia, and a reading selection from TWTM


11th: A semester each of American Government and Economics (books TBD)


12th: History of his choice-- he can take classes at the U, sign up for an AP class, or I can help him design 2-3 in-depth topic studies of his choice (ie Tudor England, WWII, Roman Expansion, etc).




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I let dd chose what she will study each year, with the understanding she will have world history, US history, and US government at some point.


Dd will likely head into a field that relies on a lot of social science. Her transcript contains more than just history.


Ninth grade

• Ancient World History based on the "History of the Ancient World: A Global Perspective" lecture series

• AP Human Geography using An Introduction to Human Geography: The Cultural Landscape by Rubenstein


Tenth grade

• AP Psychology using Myers Psychology

• AP Comparative Government and Politics using Intro. to Comparative Government by Kesselman et. al.


Ideas for eleventh and twelfth grades (she'll have at least two credits per year)

• AP US History

• AP US Government

• AP World History (she suggested this)

• anthropology at the university

• AP Macroeconomics

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My curriculum won't do you much good because much of it is no longer available.


Child 1

9th - Second half of World History started in 8th. SL Core H + Speilvogel's History Odyssey

10th - American History 1 - NROC + American a Narrative History

11th - American History 2 - NROC + America Past and Present (liked this better than Narrative History)

12th - Government - Notgrass; Pscyhology - SL


Child 2

8th - American History 1 - see above

9th - American History 2 - see above

10th - Psychology - SL

11th - Government - CC


Neither of my kids have even the vaguest interest in history, so we were purely get it done.

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