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Number of essays due for high school/9th grade

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I've written the syllabi for my kids' courses, but now I'm wondering if I've assigned too many essays.


This is what I've assigned for the first "semester":



3 2-page (minimum) essays

12 1-page (minimum) summaries



2 2-page (minimum) essays

2 3-page (minimum) essays

Beginning of a 10-page (minimum) research essay


Geography (can be extended beyond this semester)

1 5-page (minimum) research essay


These courses are all "Honors" and my kids are also dual enrolled in university courses. I'm moving them toward being dual enrolled for all their classes, so I'd like to get them accustomed to rigorous requirements. But then again, I wonder if this is too much for the period from July 1-December 31. Also, so far, they've already completed 2 of these essays and 2 summaries will be done with a third before their college classes start.

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Last year for 9th grade, my daughter did a 1-2 page history essay every week or two. She did Excellence in Literature so she studied one book for 4 weeks and did one short paper and one longer paper per book. I found it to be a good amount of writing for her.

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