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How old is Charlie Brown to you?


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I thought Charlie Brown was about 9-10.  His little sister Sally, maybe 4-5? Although I can't remember if she goes to school or not...so maybe 5-6?  Lucy is either the same age as Charlie Brown or maybe a year older?


Linus is younger, too....maybe 3-4 with his blankie?


OK, off to Google. :)

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I always assumed late elementary or early middle school since they walked to school alone and Charlie Brown's crush on the little red-headed girl, so I guess about 11-12.


All the kids walked to school alone (or with friends/sibs) in those days, starting in K or 1st grade.  :)

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Sally is maybe in Kindergarten, Linus 1st or 2nd grade, Lucy and Charlie 3rd or 4th grade.


What she said..................... they have more independence than most kids their age because they are cartoon characters.

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The later ones, 8-10, with Linus about a year younger, and Sally a couple of years younger than Linus.... Kindergarten in some, Grade 1ish .


Earlier ones Lucy was in Kindergarten. And I read the strip where Sally was born! She did seem to age faster than the others.


I walked to school at age 6 in grade 1, as did my friends. That was normal when I was a kid. It was also normal in my neighbourhood to play outside until the street lights came on, or until called in summer.


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