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Is anyone familiar or have experience with the ArrowSmith program?

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http://www.arrowsmithschool.org/arrowsmithprogram/implementation.html#pab1_1 Here's the page of their FAQs.  Have you read the book behind the program?  I got it from the library a while back and read a bit.  Have you read the book yet?


http://www.arrowsmithschool.org/arrowsmithprogram-background/suitable-students.html Here they give disclaimers for students it's not targeted at.  They specifically nix ASD and anyone with behavioral, emotional, cognitive, or intellectual disorders that would affect their ability to participate.  Given that the materials include lots of worksheets and that there is a high student/teacher ratio (10:1), that makes sense.  A student like my ds, with multiple SLDs, ADHD, and ASD, could never participate.


My dd would have wilted and died in a situation like that, with 4 sessions a day, 5 days a week, for 3-4 years working on cognitive.  I have no doubt it's good stuff, and it might even be the right choice for some kids.  You would just need a situation where that was the right choice for the child's personality.  A child doesn't GIVE UP all their intellectual aspirations, projects, desires, etc. just because they happen to have SN, kwim?  They still want to be taught at their intellectual level, to be engaged with, to have time and energy to do their things.  My question, if I were the consumer, would be cost for services.  If they charge x amount for the program, how much time is being spent?  If you were to do it INTENSELY during the summer with a private tutor for the techniques, could they accomplish the same amount as what you would do in a school year doing it less intensely in a class of 10?  What is he giving up to participate in this program?  Will they screen for OT or other issues?  Even my dd, who by their criteria would fit (working memory weaknesses, attention issues, weak on some aspects of math), trouble getting out her writing thoughts for years, had OT issues compounding it.  Her issues weren't exclusively cognitive, even though I'm a HUGE fan of cognitive therapies, kwim?  


Well that's fascinating.  I didn't know they had turned it into a program you could get access to.  Are you able to go for the training yourself and then implement it at home?   So have you talked with them about participating?  Would you go half day or whole day?  Are they thinking to run it after school?  


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Oh Elizabeth, I was gifted the book a few days ago. I'm hoping to start reading it later tonight. My son does fit the criteria for the program. It's very costly😠but he has a scholarship that could possibly be used towards the tuition. The instructor has 5 years of experience and seems to be passionate and knowledgable. One would have to travel to Canada for a few weeks for the training and certification. That's not something I can do right now. The private school is very accommodating. Because my son is homeschooled he can attend half day M-Thu from 12-3pm. He would still be able to go to his homeschool co-op classes on Friday. At this point they don't offer a summer program or after school program.

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