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How to Use Geography Coloring Book (Kapit)

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Hello folks,


My oldest is entering 5th grade, so we'll be in the logic stage for the first time.  I'm trying to adjust to the changes.  I read in WTM about SWB's recommendations for history, and I'm going to try to follow them closely at the beginning.  I saw how she recommended having my son color maps from The Geography Coloring Book by Wynn Kapit as we go through history.


I'm wondering, for any of you who have used this, how did you do it?


It looks like each area of the world is covered once (with a few variations), but some areas are discussed multiple times in the history encyclopedia (Babylon, Greece, Rome, etc.), so did you just have your child do each area once, or did you photocopy and have them do it every time it came up?  Is there another way I should use the book?  Just a little confused since the book wasn't written explicitly to accompany WTM.  Previously I leaned heavily on the SOTW Activity Book for mapwork.


Any advice you have is appreciated, thanks.



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I did not know this book was recommended by SWB.  We have been using it gradually over more than a year to work on geography.  Either we use it as it is written in order, or to go with current events to look up a part of the world.  We have not paired it with history. There are some parts in the back that give some more historical maps of old empires, I believe.  Otherwise it is mainly a modern view of the world, though given how fast borders and info changes it can go out of date very fast.

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