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Singapore users: What are the changes being made?

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I was looking to purchase Singapore's Challenging Word Problems in the U.S. edition as a supplement, but they are all out of stock at Singapore.  Rainbow had some limited stock, but now they're out.  They had a newer version at a different level, but I am not sure what all the changes are. 


Is there someone in the know that can explain what is going on and changing in this curricula?  Or is there somewhere you know that is selling them still at level 3?  Thanks.



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The Standards Edition is being totally phased out in favor of the new CC edition. The U.S. Edition will still be available. I was told by SM that they have no plans to discontinue the U.S. Edition.

I wonder if they'll be interchangeable since I've already started with SE and I was hoping to use it with all my children.   What a bummer!

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IMO the old-old CWP (the one phased out several years ago, has a different cover) is better than these. I don't know if you can still find them used.


I dont know about the CC edition CWP compared to the one just before it (they have similar looking covers). Comparing them side by side, I just prefer the older ones. Fewer problems, but still more than enough problems. I can't even remember what else I didn't like as much, I would have to look, but IIRC they start off easier and the book just seems "fluffier." YMMV, just throwing it out there.

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Is any of this new information? SM mentioned that it would be years before Standards was discontinued. Has this changed?

This is also the last I heard about it.


I hope this is still the case because if it's not I'll have to figure out which version to switch to.

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I read somewhere (RR catalog?) that the Standards Edition is being phased out.  As in all SM Standards edition materials.  Does anyone have any info on this?  I could look this up myself probably...


Here's a link to what they have said, but as you will learn here they just up and say 'hey we are done with that version' and it can be very difficult to get what you need. Someone here had good advice in a previous post: once they get close to finishing the last CC edition materials, it will probably be time.




They simply have too many versions now we can see that, and Standards Edition is the advanced path that they have always claimed makes them so much better, now they are watering it down for political reasons which is unfortunate.


I've bought all we need thru 5B and will copy the workbooks and CWP's, we don't really write in the text book. Level 6 is a review year for Singapore, and we'll be moving forward with something else then.


I've only made my decision based on what I've read in the past from users here who have been so bummed they couldn't get things once Singapore has said the product life is over with no warning, even when they promised said warning. So basically you can't rely on what they say about this part of their biz.


There was a version they had a few years ago for the higher levels I would have loved to have as well, but there is no way I can piece it all together now.

I wish someone would have thought to keep copies of it so we could plan to use it in the future years.


I think if you just had the HIG's you could probably mesh with a different workbook pretty easily. But I realize many don't want to deal with that.

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