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Special Effects Makeup as an elective?

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 DD wants to do special effects makeup for an elective course this year. I am just wondering how to go about creating this course ourselves?


I found a really great book on Amazon "Special Makeup Effects for Stage and Screen: Making and Applying Prosthetics"  and I thought I would have her work through this book while creating a portfolio of the work she does.


Would this work? Has anyone done anything similar and any suggestions are appreciated!  


We are in New York and I am trying to type up her IHIP so I wanted to double check on how to do this.



Thank you!                                 

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My daughter did a similar type Textiles and and also a Musical Theater elective. On both I let her self direct to great success. Consequently, I would only include as much as is necessary in your write-up to fulfill the state requirement. Types of activities that I could see being included would be: reading a couple of books about special make-up artists, the history of special effects make-up, and similar; linking her up with a special effects make-up artist to see the artist in action; doing make-up for a local production; going to a couple of shows with fantastic make-up; watching You-Tube videos on special effects make-up artists in action; and creating a character using special effects make-up.


This sounds like a great elective.



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