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"Try the World" subscription box?

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OR....maybe I could replicate the idea (more cheaply) by hitting up World Market every month or so.


I've never actually been inside World Market...are the foods in there grouped by nationality (for ease of implementing this idea, LOL)?  Would this be possible?

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I love the subscription boxes!  


My kids are both obsessed with Japan and all things Japanese, so their father actually found them a subscription box just for Japanese products.  Food, candy, music, other stuff.  It's way cool, and something fun for them.  


I think it's a great way to learn a little something about other cultures that you won't find in a textbook, or even on video.  There's power in taste.  

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We just started. It comes every other month. So we are getting ready to have a Morocco night. We are going to eat food and watch Casablanca with the kids next Saturday. There are a few other things i want to tie in. The booklet is cool and the food is interesting. This will be our first on though.

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