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Devotional for DS 9

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We study the Bible using CAP's God's Great Covenant.  It provides a solid foundation of understanding and exposure to the scriptures as they are written... no fluff.    


But I'm finding it doesn't really do the daily work of inspiring, motivating, and reminding, the way morning prayer can do (we're Anglican).  As much as I love morning prayer, it isn't something I can sustain with DS.  I tend to devote more time to MP during Advent and Lent.    


So, I'm looking for a devotional that's solid in it's theology that's short enough to read in about 10 minutes--that DS can do on his own.  Something that inspires and encourages thoughtfulness about how our faith is lived out.  But nothing that dips into the overly sentimental, or legalism that can sometimes accompany heavily marketed Christian children's books.  


Ideas?  Any searchable terms you can think of that might make my search more fruitful?




ETA: Something old is OK!

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