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History of the Ancient World text & study guide by SWB

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Hello all,


I'm preparing for my fifth year of homeschooling.  My oldest son is entering 5th grade, and this past year we completed the SOTW cycle.  I'm a big fan of WTM, so I was planning on going with her recommendations for the logic stage for history- not having a basic text but using a history encyclopedia as a spine and then outside reading, etc.


I just stumbled upon The History of the Ancient World and realized that she has written a textbook and a study guide.  It says grades 6-12.  I'm wondering, have any of you used this?  Is it for middle school, or more for high school?  What are the pros and cons of using this book rather than following her previous recommendations?  I appreciate any input you have, thanks.



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I think that 6th-12th is a typo.  :001_huh:  It's generally considered highschool-adult. My particular rising 5th grader is precocious and has read like an adult for years. I wouldn't hand her that book unless she had a very strong interest in ancient history. Even then there are gobs of better age appropriate options. :001_smile:


If you'd rather have a narrative text you might consider Human Odyssey (K12 publishers, look for it at used book sites), The World of Augustus Caesar by Genevieve Foster, Oxford University Press Ancient World books, and such.

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I haven't used it as curriculum but I have read it many times and agree that it'd be best to wait until high school with the text. It's a *very* well-done text but would be over a logic-stage kid unless they had a very deep interest in history. 


I'm using Human Odyssey and find it a natural progression from SOTW. We also finished our SOTW cycle and I felt we needed a bit more for the next go-round. It has a similar approachable and informative feel to SOTW. I also like the story selection at the end of each chapter. For example, we're working through Ancient Rome and the concept of paterfamilias and the chapter ended with a selection of the Aeneid to illustrate this. It just takes SOTW a step deeper IMO. You can get the text cheaply used on Amazon. It continues with later volumes as well.

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