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Finalized plans (share yours)

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We're starting Monday, so our plans are "finalized". (I'm admitting my perpetual tweaking tendencies)


7th grade:


MUS Pre-Algebra


LA: R&S English, English from the Roots Up, WTM logic stage writing and CM writing across the curriculum


History: George Washington's World, The Story of Inventions, related book list and Book of Centuries


Science: It Couldn't Just Happen, Tiner's Exploring the World of Physics, selected videos, outlining and defining terms from The Rainbow text. 


Geography: Tiner's Exploring Planet Earth, Carry on Mr. Bowditch, mapping exercises


Logic: The Fallacy Detective


French: Getting Started with French (whenever it actually comes out...soon, I hope)


Bible: Sword Studies


Literature: list to be determined


Various CM subjects with the family following plans from SCM


Ballet, Flute, Piano



5th grade:


CLE Math


LA: R&S English, R&S Spelling, Write On! 


History: CHOW ancient chapters, What in the World Vol. 1 CD, Draw and Write Through History, written narrations, CC timeline, related book list


Science: HOD CTC science book list (excluding zoology book)


Geography: Sheppard's Software


Bible : AWANA


Mavis Beacon Typing


CM subjects with family following plans from SCM


Literature list to be determined


Piano, Violin, soccer







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I think I've got it down, more or less:

8th grade

Math - 2nd half of Algebra 1, Geometry review and complete

English- MCT's new vocab, WwaT plus compressed WWS 1-3 mashup for rhetoric, homemade literature with an emphasis on classic and modern sci fi & fantasy

Creative Writing - weekly writer's workshop plus time to pursue personal projects

Spanish - continuing with what we started last year, checking out the new EdX Spanish class

Metacognition: various TC lectures and books, starting with How to Be a Superstar Student

Science - overview using Joy of Science & correlated texts & readers

History - History of science

Extracurriculars - horseback riding, community choir, community theater


4th grade

Math - MM & BA, HOE & Dreambox as supplements

LA - MCT Town and Bravewriter Partnership Writing

History - SOTW & WFH Medieval, correlated literature

Science - Habitats & Biomes, Nature study

Skills - handwriting, keyboarding

Foreign Languages - still negotiating. I want Spanish, she wants German, Greek, and maybe French   :001_rolleyes:

Critical Thinking/Prelogic - Mind Benders, Balance Benders, lots of games & puzzles

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I'm including my high schooler in this :)


DD14 (9th grade)

CLE Algebra 1 (finish)

Forester's Algebra II & Trig 


Mystery of History volume IV


Writing & Rhetoric, volumes 3 and 4


Special: Whatever Happened to Penny Candy w/guide


Literature: No Fear Shakespeare "Merchant of Venice"

                 Memoria Press American Poetry and Short Stories


Biology (a couple different texts and a ton of literature)


Living in Holiness (Our Lady of Victory School / Lepanto Press)


Recitation - Religion, math, science, history, geography, great words (Mom created)


Extracurriculars: Chess club, Art (outsourced)




DS6 (1st grade)



CLE flashcard system


Dancing Bears A

Free and Treadwell Primer



Science literature


Simply Classical Copybook 1

Catholic Heritage Curriculum, Handwriting 1


New Catholic Picture Bible

Saint stories/books

New St. Joseph's Baltimore Catechism


Catholic Schoolhouse Art, Year 1


American history (Seton's American History for Young Catholics, tons of literature, Liberty's Kids videos, timeline work)


Recitation - religion, math, history, geography, science, great words, practical / other


Extracurriculars: Chess club, tap




DS3 (preschool)


Rod & Staff Preschool and Kindergarten

Phonics Pathways

Simply Classical Copybook 1

Miquon (tag-along)


Extracurricular: Preschool dance class

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I think it's all in my signature.  I am still not sure about math.  DS and I both aren't ready to jump into geometry.  Going to do some algebra review this fall.  Then start in Jan I guess.   I got TT for Dd, but I just don't have good vibes about that choice.  Otherwise everything is in place and we start mid August.  



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We actually started back on the 20th of July because the Houston summer kicked into high gear with triple digit heat and super high humidity. I can honestly say that it has been the smoothest start and the girls are loving the new way I designed their studies. It feels deeper, but without as much time per day devoted to school. Here's ours:

Grace (6th Grade)


Math: BJU Math 5, Singapore CWP and Intensive Practice, Life of Fred Fractions (on Monday only)


Language Arts: Fix It Grammar, Writing and Rhetoric Narrative II and Chreia, Apples and Pears Spelling


Foreign Language: Getting Started with French (when it comes out!) and Getting Started with Latin during Home Room (aka Morning Meeting) with her sister


Content Subjects: Chemistry for 3 weeks, Oceans for 7 weeks (science block), finishing ancient history for 20 weeks (history block), Middle Eastern geography for 10 weeks (cultural geography)


CM style reading list. Her only requirement is to orally narrate what she read. Her written narrations come from our content subjects.: 

  • Natural History (Girls Who Looked Under Rocks, Christian Liberty Nature Reader 5, two Scientists in the Field books of her choice)
  • American HIstory (The Book of Indians and Naya Nuki: Shoshone Girl Who Ran)
  • World History (Explorers of the Ancient World)
  • Biography (Outrageous Women of Ancient Times)
  • Myths (The Golden Fleece and the Heroes Before Achilles)
  • Classics (Pollyanna)
  • Cultural Geography (I Am Malala: Young Readers Version)
  • Shakespeare (A Midsummer Night's Dream, Macbeth, Taming of the Shrew)
  • Anthology (My Book House Volumes 7 and 8)

And of course our Home Room (previously Morning Meeting but changed due to the fact that we weren't always having it in the morning and this greatly bothered my children) time where we cover Bible, art/music appreciation, poetry, memory work, Latin, physical geography, Plutarch, science and history readings, and literature.




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I only have one subject up in the air. Good odds considering I have six students this year!



Grammar: R&S English 6, nearly all orally, 2 lessons twice a week
Spelling: R&S 6, and then she's done
Writing:  ________________________ <~~that one subject
Literature: homegrown pile of classics, a Lang color fairy book, two Journeys Through Bookland volumes, and some Lamb's Shakespeare

Language: Spanish for Children
Math: AoPS prealg, Alcumus, Math Olympiad team

Science: chemistry, based on the Guesthollow schedule (dropped the younger titles and added more challenging ones)
History: American Girl based unit study approach, Draw Around the World: USA (Brookdale Press), 50 States (Barefoot Ragamuffin)
Religion: Victor Journey Through the Bible, daily Bible reading, Training Hearts Teaching Minds (catechism)


Grammar: AG
Spelling: R&S 6, and then he's done
Writing: Wordsmith, Jump In (not at the same time)
Literature: homegrown inspiration of JK Rowling course, based on Harry Potter's Bookshelf by Granger

Language: Spanish for Children

Math: finish AoPS prealg, start AoPS alg, Alcumus, Math Olympiad team
Science: chemistry, based on the Guesthollow schedule, same notes

Geography: modifed Harmony Fine Arts highschool geography schedule (dropped religion, added architecture, drawing, short stories)
Religion: daily Bible reading and Training Hearts Teaching Minds, finish the History Lives church history series, about a month of age appropriate theology after that, Victor Journey if more is needed


I'd like to get them both through Art of Argument this year too, but I won't start it until second semester or even next summer. We'll do one highschool level chem lab a week for both of them and the highschool chem students.


My K and 2nd grade kids are posted on the blog in my signature. The highschool kids are not. I'd blame my sprained wrist, but this summer has been pretty busy. ***eta: The highschoolers are blogged now. The wrist is slowly improving, but lesson plans must go on.

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DS12 - 7th Grade


Math - Jousting Armadillos, interspersed with SM6 and Real World Algebra


Language Arts - Dance Mat Typing and some other typing program, cursive copywork (using a variety of resources); MCT vocab and derivative work in Latin; Spelling Workout (though I may also wind up using SCM's Spelling Wonder program); W&R combined with the first half of WWS1; homegrown literature program with a mishmash of resources


Latin for Children B


Spanish for Children B with a lot of supplements


History - SOTW4 with extra emphasis on the Civil War, Reconstruction, the Labor Movement, the Great Depression, WWII, Civil Rights era, and other liberation movements


Geography - Mapping the World with Art


Science - RSO Biology 2


Morning Time - poem of the week, song of the week, composer & artist studies (from Simply Charlotte Mason, Opal Wheeler books, and Enrichment Studies), Shakespeare, person-of-the-day, and a variety of brief readings in science and history


Philosophy - first semester - Advanced Philosophy for Kids


Logic - second semester - The Art of Argument


Study Skills - second semester with The Well Trained Mind Academy


Other: classic jazz drumming lessons, Royal School of Church Music choristers, voice lessons


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 This is for sixth grade boys.

Math-CLE 500

Latin-MP Second Form Latin

French-Ecoutez, Parlez

Grammar/Composition-CW Homer, Harvey's, Glencoe Diagramming for Middle School. I pick my own models. We will be continuing with plot study and elements of fiction as we did last year. We are working with Skill Levels 4-10 this year.

Science-Prentice Hall Science Explorer (Earth Science titles) heavily supplemented with outside reading as the books are pretty dry.

History-OUP, finishing with Rome, then moving on the the Middle Ages with Medieval Europe and Age of Empires. Also heavily supplemented with outside reading.

Literature-various things, we are starting with a retelling of Beowulf and finishing with Shakespeare. Tied to History. Free reading is not, so there could be some other things we cover this year.

Geography-MP Geography 2

Art-Sister Wendy's Story of Painting, Landscape drawing, painting.

Music-VOX Music Masters series, supplemented by music borrowed from the library.


Math/Latin-five days a week

Grammar/Composition-grammar twice weekly, composition four days per week (8 days per lesson)

Literature-twice weekly

History-twice weekly

Science-twice weekly

French-listening daily, workbook two to three times per week

Art-once weekly, with the drawing/painting being a project or two per term

Music-once weekly

Geography-once to twice weekly

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I've only got the first semester locked down, but this is it:


Math: finish So You Really Want to Learn Maths 1

English: Lightning Literature 7 

             Adventures in Fantasy/NaNoWriMo

             Phonetic Zoo

             English from the Roots Up

Science: Ellen McHenry's The Elements

History: A History of US concise edition 

             viking study (student request)

Geography: finish Mapping the World with Art

Art: Art with a Purpose

Music: choir

PE: gymnastics, tumbling, horseback riding


DD keeps saying she wants to learn French, so I may add L'art de Lire. 


Second semester should actually be a little lighter. Mapping the World will be finished, and I think EFtRU will be, too. I'm kicking around the idea of doing unit studies for science and history once The Elements is done.

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I only have some parts of our final plan ready, but I'm thinking that it will look a little like this:



Math-Pre-algebra and Pre-geometry...still working out specifics of this...ETA: We're going to give Jousting Armadillos a try for now...


English-Essentials of English 2 (this has grammar and comp.), narrations, dictation, commonplace book, literary terms notebook (w/Figuratively Speaking and Prose and Poetry)


French-continue with Breaking the Barrier and other resources




National History-George W. World and Abe Lincoln's World


Ancient History-studying Mesopotamia


Science-Ellen McHenry units on cells and on elements+ The Sea Around Us, The Wonders of Physics, Asimov's Breakthroughs in Science, The Code of Life and Gregor Mendel: Father of the Science of Genetics (Science is a favorite subject.)


Geography-Tree in the Trail and Minn of the Mississippi with the BF maps




Other-ballet, jazz, piano


Literature List

Big study with older sister... Fairy Tales to Fantasy Focus (currently working on a syllabus for this one)...lots of works covered in this one

Shakespeare-Merchant of Venice, Macbeth and As You Like It

The Trojan War

Treasure Island

Robinson Crusoe

Age of Fable

Tom Sawyer


Plutarch: Timoleon, Pelopidas and Cicero (maybe Antony too)


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Also starting Monday, I thought I was the only one.

I have a 7th grader who had up until about 2 weeks ago professed her desire to "unschool".  She has since decided that no, she wants me to plan it all out for her  :glare: .


Psychology- this is her big interest in life,other then anime.  We'll be looking at the brain from both biological and  behavioral  perspectives.  I have a college text that I hope she can get through about 1/2 this year and we also have The Body Book but I'll probably have to invest in a Brain specific book.  I'm counting this as her Social Studies and Science courses. ETA: but we're going to start with edX's Intro to Psych and Crash Course videos.


Pre-Alg. I'll be using Lial's to go over concepts on the whiteboard and then pull out problems to work, no math textbooks allowed.


English- she'll be doing the same as her brother which is Fantasy Literature and Composition. We'll spend 3/4 of the year reading books like Hobbit, Wizard of Earthsea, Alice in Wonderland, Fairytales, etc.... 1/4 of the year writing our own stories (me too).  She'll probably be doing all the Character drawings for us (manga style) so I'm going to pick up some instruction books. Word Roots Level 1, Phonetic Zoo, and not sure about Grammar but we won't get to it until last quarter.


Spanish 1 using BtB.  She finally gave in and agreed to do Spanish like her brother instead of French.


P.E. which for now means stretching and walking in the mornings before the humidity hits over 80%.


She's also self-studying ASL, Japanese, Violin, Flute, and writing Fan Fic.  


I also have a 9th grader.


Earth Science using Science 101's books : Geology, Ocean, Weather, Ecology with lab like activities


Human Geography using Rubenstein's Cultural Landscape Introduction, DeBlij's The World Today, and Documentaries


Finish up Alg. and Move on to Geometry with A Fresh Approach


English same as DD


Spanish same as DD


PE same as DD

Health...... I'm not sure, kind of panicking but I don't have to start right away since it's only 1/2 credit.


ETA: High Schooler  

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7th grader (the artist): 


Math:  Life of Fred and Khan Academy


LA: Grammar:  Solidifying weaker skills with multiple materials I have here at home.  

       Literature: One novel or poetry book per month with a corresponding art project

       Writing:  Daily  writing using book Unjournaling


Science:  Homeschool science class plus crash course science (anatomy and astronomy, I think )


History:  Story of the world 3 and 4 along with documentaries and discussion with her older sister. 


Foreign Language:  She wants to study Swedish so she will be doing that with Duolingo and Mango. 


Yoga classes and art classes will round out her schedule.  



9th grader (the actor):

Math:  Lial's Basic College Math and Life of Fred.


LA:  Grammar:  Punctuation and Daily Grammar along with some Paragraph editing

        Literature:  Edx monthly book clubs with open courseware from Berkeley

        Writing:  The Lively Art of Writing


Science:  Teaching Company Anatomy and Physiology with supplementation with froguts.com and     other resources. 


History:  American History and Government using documentaries, crash course videos, and         supplemental reading.


Electives:  She is currently working on a film production project where she and a few friends are doing everything - writing, acting, producing, editing etc, all with the guidance of a parent who works in the film industry.  We will also be studying the history of the American Musical using a DVD series from The Teaching Company.  









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4th Grade: 


MM 5 and 6 


HO 1 part 2, WHD Medieval, Med book list, documentaries


Holt Earth and Space, Thames & Cosmos kits, book list, documentaries


Write From History Medieval


R&S Grammar 5


Wordly Wise 6, 7


LfC A w/ activity book






History/ Science/ Lit read-alouds


1st Grade


MM 2






AAS 3 & 4


RSO 1 E & S


SOTW 2 w/ activities


WW 4


Evan-Moor Daily Geo 1


History/Science/Lit read-alouds 





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7th Grade

Language Arts:  Holt Literature, Write Source, Wordly Wise, Novel Studies (Hobbit, Tom Sawyer, Treasure Island, As You Like It), Quarterly 'Free Read' quota

Math:  AoPS Pre Algebra

Science:  Glencoe General 7

Social Studies:  Discovery Techbook World Geography

Spanish:  Glencoe Como Te Vas? Azul (2nd half of 1st year High School)


5th Grade

Language Arts:  McGraw Hill Treasures, Wordly Wise, Novel Studies (Clementine, 39 Clues, Beezus & Ramona, Cricket Time Square, Invention of Hugo Cabret, The Borrowers, Mr. Popper Penguins, Lion, Witch, and a couple of other TBD), and quarterly 'free read' quota.

Math: Pearson Envision 5

Science:  Harcourt 5

Social Studies: Finish TX history and start Scott Foresman United States



SOTW Volumes 3&4, CNN or Discovery News, Scholastic magazines, Egyptian Mythology

Art: Glencoe Exploring Art

Health; Glencoe Teen Health 1

Critical Thinking Co. Building Thinking Skills, Editor in Chief, Mind Benders, etc 

Read Alouds (1st Quarter line up:  100 Dresses, 10 Ways to Ruin 5th Grade, Holes, The Red Pyramid, Call It Courage, Double Fudge, Bridge to Terabertha along with several nonfiction/biographies)

Piano Lessons and practice



Boy Scouts

Tabletop Gaming Club

Local Rec Center for fitness

Field Trips galore including Ft. Worth Stockyards, Austin Capital Tour and the Alamo, Chickasaw National Museum, and Scout overnighters aboard the USS Lexington and a Wildlife Park. [We live in TX btw :)]


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We'll start back up August 17.

DS 12. Grade 7.


Math: second half of Algebra 1


L/A: AAS finish 6, 7

IEW Rockets, Radar, and Robotics


Science: OUP Chemistry (complete Stage 7, Stage 8)

OUP Physics (Stages 7&8)

Many additional resources and bunny trails including Coursera How Things Work, Crash Course, etc.


History: Homegrown.

Semester 1 covering early modern world history approx. 1700-1900 using high school text and Heinemann History Scheme Book 2 as spines. Many, many additional resources.

Semester 2 covering modern history 1900- current primarily with an American focus. Loosely using The Century as a spine. Many, many additional resources.


Maine Studies: focus on Industry


Language: English from the Roots Up, beginning Latin using Latin Prep


Sports: Middle school teams: XC running, hockey, Nordic skiing, track.

Other: triathlons, cycling, biathlon, various 5&10ks


Volunteering: regular hours at library bookstore

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We started back up 2-3 weeks ago.  


5th grader (loosely following TWTM, but a little behind WTM's schedule):


Math - Beast Academy

LA - MCT's LA, Wordsmith Apprentice, daily grammar exercises that I come up with

Literature/History - books from TWTM and AO reading lists (Renaissance-early American history)

Geography - Voskamp's A Child's Geography: Explore His Earth

Science - biology ala TWTM

Music - finish Story of the Orchestra, Swan Lake, listening to classical music

Art - Usborne Impressionist Art Cards, art classes at a studio

Extras - working through a Puzzle Book and Brainquest workbook



2nd grader: following WTM with the 5th grader (not going to list, because this is the logic stage board), also Brainquest



7th grader: (relaxed homeschooling - working about 2 hours a day), teaching evening classes, spends hours and hours researching cars/engines/anything with wheels


Math - Key Curriculum Press (we set a timer and we're just seeing how far he can go with it)

LA - Easy Grammar Plus, Writing with Skill 1

History - Notgrass' America the Beautiful

Biology - Holt Biology



8th grader: choosing what she studies (except for math), working part-time at a pit bull rescue, teaching evening classes


Math - finishing Lial's Algebra, then we'll be searching for geometry (we dropped the ball in math this year, because I had a baby and I basically stopped working with her on it)

Biology - part Holt Biology, part Campbell & Reece Biology: Concepts and Connections, videos from Bozeman Science, labs/projects she chooses, botany notebooking/collection using plants from our area

English - Literary Lessons from Lord of the Rings, highlighting/notating Elements of Style, English from the Roots up, reading animal-themed books (she read Watership Down, The Yearling, Animal Farm, etc...)

Ancient History - books she chooses (she's reading all of the Padraic Colum books right now), we started reading History of the Ancient World together, Augustus Caesar's World

German - Komm Mit 1 

Biopsychology or Neurology (whatever it's called) - Ellen McHenry's The Brain, Brain Rules, The Psychology Book (she read about half of this over the summer), whatever she wants to research/read about


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We do history and science as a family and modify as needed.

Here are my 7th graders plans:


Saxon Pre-algebra, LoF

WWS(tried this in 5th grade and it was too much. Hoping for success this yr!)


Analytical Grammar

Phonetic Zoo

Fallacy Detective, Art of Argument

America the Beautiful

Ellen McHenry Elements and Carbon Chemistry plus chemistry Merit Badge

Mango Languages(free through our library!)

Literature and memory work based on American history

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My sixth grader (golly, how did he get so old!) will be doing the following:


Math: Video Text- Algebra, the first module is prealgebra

Science: Physical Science by Derek Owens, purchased so we can go at our pace

English: DailyGrams, WriteSource, and Druidawn

History: California History from Beautiful Feet

Art: Storybook Art, 13 X Children Should Know

Japanese: Saturday school

PE: swim team

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I am also a perpetual tweaker.  Here is our current 9th grade line up:

Horizons Algebra

Critical Thinking Company's Understanding Geometry plus Life of Fred Geometry

History of the Ancient World (SWB)

Hoagland's Exploring the Way Life Works: The Science of Biology

D'Aulaire's Greek Myths and Memoria Press guides  (other stuff later like Iliad and Odyssey and Aristophanes The Birds)

Seton High School Grammar

Writing With Skill 1 (SWB)

Abeka Vocabulary, Spelling, and Poetry III

French: So You Really Want to Learn French 1 by Galore Park

Abeka Health from a Christian Perspective

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7th grader


Math- Tablet Class Pre-Algebra plus AoPS Pre-A

Science- Physical Science class

History- American History class

LA- Writing class, I think vocab and grammar will be MCT, still figuring out our lit program


6th grader


Math- Singapore 6

Science- BJU 6

History- American history class

LA- Ditto above, except she'll be in a lit class, and will also do AAS 


We're also doing Discovering Intelligent Design.

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8th grade:


finish 2nd half of Foerster Algebra 1, then an intro to geometry (TBD) 3-4 days/week and keep doing challenging algebra extras 1-2 days/week (this way he won't officially start geometry till 9th grade)


Intro to Lit and Comp (including Essential Literary Terms, The Elements of Style, and a book list)


Physical Science: Concepts in Action


The American Odyssey


Intro to Socratic Discussion with WTMA


finish The Art of Argument (informal logic), then The Argument Builder (blend of logic & rhetoric)


keep Spanish fresh using Memrise.com and Duolingo


outsourced piano and art lessons

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CLE 6 math/Life of Fred

R&S 5 English (just the grammar lessons, odds)

Classical Composition Fable and narrative

English Lessons through Literature 4

Apologia Swimming Animals w/notebook journal

MP's 13 Colonies w/ workbook

The Trojan War, oral narration

Famous Men of Greece, written narration

Tiner's Medicine, written narration

First Form Latin




CLE 4 math/Life of Fred

R&S English (grammar, odds)


Famous Men of Rome, written narration

Famous Men of Middle Ages,written narration

apologia astronomy with notebook journal

Tiner's Planet Earth,oral narration

First Form Latin

Classical composition Fable






Reading Lessons through Literature

CLE math 2/Life of Fred

Oral reading McGuffey



K & preK:

phonogram workbook

Counting on the abacus

Life of Fred

Read alouds




Family school: History, science, geography, Literature, art, music.

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Finalized and planned so now I can take the month of August off! :)


7th grade:


History/Science/Lit: HOD Rev to Rev

Math: Life of Fred Fractions and TT Pre-Algebra

Bible: The Most Important Thing You'll Ever Study, Volume 2

Grammar: Analytical Grammar

Writing: Thinking in Threes


9th grade:

Geo/Lit: HOD World Geography

Math: TT Algebra I

Bible: The Most Important Thing You'll Ever Study, Volume 2

Grammar: Analytical Grammar

Writing: Living the Answer, Essays I

Science: outsourced co-op class, Physical Science


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6th grade:


Math: CLE 6

Grammar: Easy Grammar 6

Writing: IEW SWI B

Spelling: Rod & Staff 6

Bible: Rod & Staff

History: Notgrass From Adam to Us

Science: Science in the Beginning

Latin: First Form Latin


Plus lots and lots of good books!

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8th grade:


ELTL Level 5

written narrations

Spelling Wisdom, I think we'll start with the 2nd half of level 2

Rosetta Stone Spanish

piano lessons


5th grade:


ELTL Level 4

written narrations

Spelling Wisdom 1

Rosetta Stone Spanish

piano lessons


3rd grade:

MUS / SCM's Mathematics book


Spelling/Phonics review with various resources

Spanish songs



MUS / SCM's Mathematics book

McGuffey readers and various phonics resources

Wee Folk Art


Family subjects:

SCM Middle Ages Renaissance, Reformation, & Epistles

Visits to Europe 

The Geography Book

SCM Learning About Birds with Thornton Burgess, plus various living books and nature studies

Latina Christiana 

Daily Bible readings using Penny Gardner's schedule

lots of CM style studies for hymns, music, art, Shakespeare, etc.

Practical Geometry for older two, Paper Sloyd for younger two


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Stuff purchased & on shelves, but last year's stuff is still piled on my 'homeschool table' & somethings don't have my open-and-go plans ready.  :willy_nilly:


Feel so behind!



7th grader (!!! - Doing a lot of it w/4th grade sister):

LA:  WWS1, SWR, FLL4, Lit aligned w/history

Math: Abeka 6

History: SOTW4

Science: Equine Science

Foreign Language: First Form Latin

Extras:  Grammar of Poetry (1st sem) Art of Argument (2nd sem)


Oil Painting lessons

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I'm starting to get really excited about our upcoming 7th grade year.  Things are coming together, and I've made quite a few changes to try and simplify our year.


Last year I was watching a very bright, active 2YO who infringed quite a bit with DD's schooling.  I would say the little guy is quite advanced.  He was reciting Latin with us and giggling the whole time.  He talks non-stop and tells us stories all the time.  However, being this bright, he wanted constant attention, and it really infringed on our time.  So, I've given him up (I've had him since he was 9 weeks) in order to devote more time to DD this year.


Second, I've ditched most of TOG this year to explore a more CM style with some Wayfarers thrown in.  It's really just a mash-up of several different things....consequently, I feel more at ease and free since starting in Kindergarten. I'm even tossing in some loops!


Anyway, here's our finalized list:


  • Bible & Lit combined as Chronicles of Narnia study
  • History: Modern/Contemporary w/Human Odyssey 3 as a spine and various selections from both TOG & Wayfarers living books; concentrating on WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, etc.
  • Maine State Study (in lieu of Geography - this is a state requirement): Illustrated History of Maine with a selection of living books all about Maine, including strange tales and folklore, poems, how the mountains were named
  • Math: Coming from Horizons since K, we chose Tablet Class Pre-Algebra as an intro to an alternate teaching method.  DD has already started this and loves it.  So far she is having a very easy time w/the assignments
  • LA Loop: An hour 4x/wk: Mon-ELTL 5; Tues-EIW 7; Wed-Fix It Grammar; Thurs-WWS1, GFMS, FS (alternating marking periods)
  • Science: EM Botany w/Quark Chronicles and emphasis on medicinal herbs/plants using several living books on the subject.
  • Latin: Visual Latin II
  • Logic: Fallacy Detective
  • Church History/Worldview: Modern Missionary stories from TOG list albeit fewer of them - 1 to 2x/wk
  • Apologetics: 1x/wk - Paul Little series of 3 books: Know What, Who & Why You Believe
  • Arts Loop: 1x/wk - Modern artists/movements; Modern musicians; Inventors
  • Misc Loop: 1x/wk - Shakespeare / Plutarch / How To Read Slowly
  • Art: Block schedule @ local high school (3 days 1 week and 2 days the next)

Although this sounds like a lot, it only amounts to 6:30 hours a day. Most of the classes are only two to three days/week and alternate.  The core classes of history, science, Latin, Math, and LA are 4x/week.


I had to schedule her other classes around the PS Art classes.  DD's really looking forward to those.  Therefore, I scheduled most of her classes 4 days/week then rearranged things according to the PS schedule.  This advanced planning allowed me to give her a more relaxed day on Fridays with the Arts & Misc., loops and reading about missionaries (DD specifically asked to have this class included).

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6th grader:

Grammar/Writing: MCT Voyage, Killgallon Sentence-composing for MS, & Writers Inc

Literature: Will dovetail w/history & includes Romeo&Juliet, Oliver Twist, and a long list of historical fiction and easier classics

History: Human Odyssey 2 & Story of Science: Newton

Math: AOPS Pre-Algebra

Science: Biology w/The Way Life Works as our primary spine (along w/TOPS experiments, dissection kit, & DK Human Body Coloring Book)

Latin: Latin Alive 1

French: Galore Park SYRWTL French 2

Logic: Art of Argument & Argument Builder

Art: Artistic Pursuits: Middle School

Extra: Piano & harp lessons, ballet


5th grader:

Grammar/Writing: MCT Town, Killgallon Story Grammar for ES, & Writers Inc

Spelling: Sequential Spelling

Literature: Will dovetail w/history & includes a long list of historical fiction and classical adaptations

History: Human Odyssey 1 & Story of Science: Aristotle

Math: Singapore 6A & 6B

Science: Geology & Astronomy w/a variety of real books (& time w/the telescope)

Latin: Getting Started with Latin

French: Galore Park SYRWTL French (finishing level 1 & starting level 2)

Logic: Blast off with Logic

Art: Artistic Pursuits: Upper Elementary

Extra: Piano lessons, cub scouts, baseball

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This is our 3rd week but we are always a work in progress.


Ds 5th/6th

Math- Math Mammoth 6/BEast Academy 4D-5B + bits of CLE for review as needed and we have time


Language Arts- Fix It Grammar, Apples and Pears Spelling- Writing- Currently Maxwell's Composition but that will be moving towards writing across the curriculum- we are getting our feet wet now but Maxwell's and TC last year have been a great pre-cursor to that, we are following a pattern this year as to picking a topic, outlining, writing, editing, revising etc and then going together 


Science- Interest led- starting slower here- I've got a course I designed for him around tech but we've not started it yet, currently reading Story of Science Aristotle to dovetail with our history study


History- Ancient History this year, using some of Mill's books, some of my own library and whatever I can get from the library; documentaries etc


Lit- ds reads a ton and a fairly wide variety; We still do read aloud time a mix of classics, quality fic and non-fic, whatever strikes us; so far we've read Ophelia and the Marvelous Boy (LOVED this!), coming up A Long Walk to Water, I Am Malala, Nelson Mandala, maybe Lord of the Rings


Extra- Scouts- Moving to Boy Scouts in Jan, TKD


Dd- 3rd

Math- Horizons- 3rd

Language Arts- Vintage Maxwell's Primary Language and Composition- With Pencil and Pen- tweaked as needed; Rod and Staff Spelling



Dd- k

Math - Math in Focus 1st/ Horizons k

Logic of English Foundations


Both dd- readalouds- currently from Journeys from Bookland but also classics and picture books; Children Around the World- tweaked as needed;


All- family nature studies; lots of walks and bike rides;  

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For my 5th grade Dd:


Bible - Victor Journey through the Bible with reading OT

Math Mammoth 5

R&S 5

Finish AAS 6 and into 7

Lit - Narnia study, discussion

Writing across the curriculum as SWB suggests

Latin - LfC A and into B

Science - homemade anatomy, intro to microscope, botany

History - Ancients with Human Odyssey and literature.


Art and Drama tutorial 1/2 day each week

Choir, piano, AHG, dance

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Kids that pertain to logic stage:


8th grade:


Climbing to Good English 8

Vocabulary Cartoons

WTM writing (outlines, rewrites, lit. essays)

Fallacy Detective & Thinking Toolbox


Apologia Physical


6th grade:


R&S English 5

R&S Spelling 6

WTM writing

Logic Liftoff


Interest-led science 


Doing history together with SOTW 4 and My First History of Canada (with some extras), Bible memory, some music, not sure if they want to continue with art or not. We'll see when school begins.

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4th grade - Calvert, but math is Horizons and Mastering Mathematics.  Plus a fun co-op writing class, violin, archery and tennis. 

7th grade - Calvert.  Plus ALEKS, a co-op speech class, middle school orchestra, violin, archery and tennis.  I also hope to work in Spanish.  

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Math: Systemath Algebra 2

Comp: Wilson Hill Honors Comp

Lit: Center for Lit World Literature

Spanish: La Clase Divertida High School 1

Science: ACE Biology

History: Homemade WW history

Elective 1: Penny Candy and Personal Finance

Extracurrics: Civil Air Patrol, Choir/bells




Math: Strayer Upton

LA: Circle time w/ CM skills, Sentence Family toward the end of the year

Science: Behold and See w/ interest-led

History: Complete Book of U.S. History

Spanish: La Clase Divertida

Arts: Recorder, painting, maybe some Mark Kistler




Wee Folk Art

100EZ Lessons


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5th grader: 


Math: Math in Focus Course A, Singapore CWP grade 6, Redbird Mathematics


Logic: Art of Argument


Literature: Mosdos Press Pearl; various novels and non-fiction texts


Grammar: CW Homer (just the Imitation and Analysis exercises)


Writing: WWS 1; various essay assignments


Spelling: Spelling Workout F


History: OUP The World in Ancient Times (and other supporting texts and documentaries)


Science: CPO Life Science (lots of documentaries, experiments happen at a twice-a-week class)


Other: marital arts, swimming, programming, stop-mo, hikes, etc. 

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I'm excited about starting school this Monday, too! I have a 7th grader. I have the three R's all scheduled in the morning, then science, history, geography, art appreciation, composer study, nature study, and literature is her choice.


For these subjects I have made index cards with the subject and how much time or work needs to be accomplished. For instance, for history there are four index cards with 30 minutes of work. For nature study there is only one card with 45 minutes of work. So, after we do our scheduled work, she picks out what cards she has time for and or interest in. Once a card is completed, it's put in an envelope. When all of the cards are used up, she starts all over again.


Scheduled Subjects


Bible: Don't Check Your Brains at the Door, The Westminster Shorter Catechism wit Cartoons Book 1


Language Arts: Using Language Well, Spelling Wisdom, Hake Grammar, Caesar's English, Figurely Speaking


Spanish: Getting Started With Spanish, Spanish in 10 minutes a day


Latin: Visual Latin


Math: CLE 704-as far as we can, LOF, Real World Algebra


Writing: WWS, Writing and Rhetoric, Thinking in Threes, Adventures in Fantasy



Afternoon Self Directed Subjects


History: The Story of US Books nine and ten, Bomb, Unbroken, Crash Course videos, and documentaries


Science: It Just Couldn't Happen, Crash course and TED Ed videos, research topics, and documentaries


Nature Study: Nature Connection


Geography: Tiner's Exploring Planet Earth, and once a week mapping exercise


Composer Study: Beautiful Feet


Art Appreciation: Sister Wendy, Art That Changed the World


Literature: various classics and several poets, and a Shakespeare's play, still not decided yet


It seems like a lot; but we are very CM here. So, each subject is only 30 minutes and there is a lot of looping going on.

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Grade 8,5:


Math: AoPs Intro A, Statistics

Science: Grade 8 exam, IGCSE Chemistry+BJU Physical Science

Dutch: Literature

English: Grammar of Poetry, Kids Write Intermediate, Real English Skills (EFL), readinglist

French: Grade 8 exams, oral and written, Jardin des Lettres, readinglist

German: Praxis, Sprache und Literatur

Latin: Phoenix

Greek: Elementary Greek i.c.w. Stathmoi

History: SCM Middle Ages,Ren, Ref / tweaked

Geography: Selfmade Course

Technical Education: Grade 8 Exam



History of Rockmusic

Attending academy of Fine Arts



Part of this program will be continued in 2016-2017

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DS1:  7th Grade


TT Algebra, Real World Algebra

RSO Biology 2

FInish History Odyssey Middle Ages and then start Bookshark Reading with History 7

WWS1 & Hake 8 (will take 2 years for these)

A Child's History of Art:  Architecture

Finish Lively Latin 1 and then figure out what to do next (either Latin Prep or LFC B)

DuoLingo Spanish


DS2:  6th Grade


TT Pre-Algebra

Finish SOTW 2 and then start Bookshark Reading with History 5 (Eastern Hemisphere)

Bookshark Science 5

Easy Grammar 6, Spelling Workout G&H, Remedia Outlining, then EIW 7

Greek Code Cracker

DuoLingo Spanish



I also have Meet the Masters, as I really like to fit in some art this year.

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6th grade:


Math: CLE 6

Grammar: Easy Grammar 6

Writing: IEW SWI B

Spelling: Rod & Staff 6

Bible: Rod & Staff

History: Notgrass From Adam to Us

Science: Science in the Beginning

Latin: First Form Latin


Plus lots and lots of good books!


I've just come across Notgrass From Adam to Us, it looks exactly like what I'm looking for  - so excited!  But then I see it says available Spring 2016!?!  Can you tell me please if you know of a place to get it in advance? :drool:   thanks!

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8th grader:


- Essay Voyage, WWS1&2

- Magic Lens 1, Killgallon Grammar for MS

- Shakespeare class, PACES Canterbury Tales, another family lit in spring??

- Building Poems and Figuratively Speaking with siblings during Morning Basket


- AoPS Alg B & Geometry


- RSO Bio 2, Science Olympiad


- K12 HO 2

Foreign Language

- Japanese BYU Independent Study


5th gradeer:


- PTown, W&R Narrative I/II

- GTown

- Lit Wits class, PACES Canterbury Tales, another family lit in spring??

- Building Poems and Figuratively Speaking with siblings during Morning Basket


- Singapore PM (standards) 5A/5B

- DreamBox


- RSO Biology 2

- Science Olympiad


- SOTW 2/3 (1400-1900)0

Foreign Language

- BBLL1&2 online course

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Co-Op Classes:

Apologia Physical Science: labs in class; using the Apologia Student Notebook


Middle School Composition: will begin with sentence and paragraph structure, move to 3 paragraph essays and doing some timed in class, then moving on to 5 paragraph essays


GA History: this will be  a fun elective with in-class work only



Bible: Alpha Omega 6th grade Lifepacs (recommended by a close friend as a thorough, challenging course); will spread over 2 years and add in other resources; go more in-depth on topics of interest


History: Biblioplan Year 2; utilizing the Advanced Maps, Cool History for Upper Middles, and a few selections of reading; close friend is doing the same and we'll plan some fun days/field trips together


Math: CLE, LOF, Balance Benders


Language Arts:

Grammar: CLE 3 days each week, IEW Fix-It 2 days each week


Spelling: IEW Phonetic Zoo


Literature/Reading: Figuratively Speaking, MP Poetry, CLE Reading, Book Club


Science: Science Fusion module if I can't delay activating the online content. I purchased this at a convention this past Spring thinking I'd do in in the summer but didn't. 


Other Outside Activities:

Basketball in a church program (Dec-Feb)

considering 4-H and looking into some extra swim possibilities (He does a summer swim team.)





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We might be switching to a trimester system this year. This is going to be our first trimester as a "bilingual" educational environment. The boys are going to be completing some "End of Elementary" projects that they have for Geography, History and Science and this will be done mostly on their own.


As far as formal academic study goes, it'll be just math and Spanish this year (hopefully)



We're reading all of the Spanish language readers, picture and chapter books that our library owns.

Working through Mexicos national curriculum for 1st and 2nd--reading, (Mexican) history, science, art, science and social studies--in 100% Spanish.

and all of our leisure media---songs, cartoons, books, movies, audiobooks and videogames are to be in Spanish




Continue with our mish-mash of resources UMM, Art and Craft of Problem Solving, How to Solve it, Mental Math,


I was going to have them work through both volumes of Essential Mathematics as a good 8th grade mathematics review, but instead they are going to do a Spanish language book: Aritmetico by Baldor as a good basic math review + introduction to Spanish language mathematics. Then we are going to do the books on Algebra and Geometry by the same guy. I expect that all three Baldor texts will take about 1 year.

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Both girls:  

MFW Exp-1850 (this also includes art and music appreciation)

IEW US-History Based Writing pt. 1

Typing Instructor for Kids

Children's choir (both for fall semester, likely only YDD for spring semester)

(Later in year) Progeny Press guides for Johnny Tremain and Witch of Blackbird Pond



7th Grader:


Saxon Algebra 1/2 with DIVE

Apologia Gen. Science with student notebook

R&S spelling 8

R&S grammar 7

CLE reading 7

CLE Home Ec. 1 (this will be spread out over 2 years, most likely)

Discovering the World of Geography 7-8

Thinking Toolbox (finish this and then do Fallacy Detective)

17.5 hours a week in the gym, training for level 7




5th Grader:


CLE math 500

CLE reading 5

R&S grammar 5

R&S spelling 6

A Reason for Handwriting E (her handwriting is ATROCIOUS!)

MCP word study F

Discovering the World of Geography 5-6

Perplexors C (I'm trying to make her go through these slowly!)

**Still looking for a good computer course.  Any suggestions?  She loves her games and I want to make that interest *worth something.*



Both of them will read a lot of good books, as well as plenty of supplemental fiction and non-fiction tied to history.  We also always have a read-aloud going on, something of higher comprehension level than I would assign for independent reading.


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I've only got the first semester locked down, but this is it:


Math: finish So You Really Want to Learn Maths 1

English: Lightning Literature 7 

             Adventures in Fantasy/NaNoWriMo

             Phonetic Zoo

             English from the Roots Up

Science: Ellen McHenry's The Elements

History: A History of US concise edition 

             viking study (student request)

Geography: finish Mapping the World with Art

Art: Art with a Purpose

Music: choir

PE: gymnastics, tumbling, horseback riding


DD keeps saying she wants to learn French, so I may add L'art de Lire. 


Second semester should actually be a little lighter. Mapping the World will be finished, and I think EFtRU will be, too. I'm kicking around the idea of doing unit studies for science and history once The Elements is done.


Second semester (not completely finalized, but I'm pretty sure this is it):


Math: So You Really Want to Learn Maths 2 (or Tabletclass Pre-Algebra, still up in the air about that.)

English: Lightning Literature 7

             Adventures in Fantasy

             Phonetic Zoo

Science: Ellen McHenry Botany plus The Quark Chronicles: Botany

History: A History of US concise edition

Other: Harry Potter unit studies (books 1 and 2)

Art: Art with a Purpose, other drawing books, Deep Space Sparkle

Music: choir

PE: gymnastics, tumbling, horseback riding


I think we're going to have to avoid French, since with all of DD's outside activities, I'm not entirely sure we'll get through everything else, even.

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I think this is it.  Maybe.


Morning Time:


Plutarch - Titus Flamininus, Marcus Cato, Philopoemen

Shakespeare - Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare, plus one play (leaning towards Comedy of Errors or Henry V)

Artist Study - SCM Picture Portfolios - Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Titian, Durer

Science/Nature - View From the Oak, The Brain (McHenry), year of firsts journal/sketchbook, a health/nutrition book (still thinking)

Poetry - Favorite Poems Old and New, The Classic 100 Poems

Bible - Young Peacemaker, Westminster Shorter Catechism (Williamson), the Gospels and Acts with Matthew Henry commentary, Apostles' Creed

Geography - SCM Visits to North America and Africa

World History - Mystery of History Volume 3 (audio only), On Shores of the Great Sea and Discovery of New Worlds (Synge)

Canadian History - Canada: A People's History DVDs

Composer - Beethoven

Character - Laying Down the Rails

Literature - Age of Fable (parts), Dangerous Journey, Tanglewood's Secret, Black Ships Before Troy, Aeneid for Boys and Girls, Wind and the Willows, Penrod, Farmer Boy, Phantom Tollbooth, And the Word Came With Power, Basket of Flowers 


7th Grader for a reader/dreamer/farmer/builder:


Math - LoF Pre-Algebra 1 and 2, 10 Things All Future Scientists and Mathematicians Must Know (Zaccaro), World of Mathematics (Tiner), AoPS Pre-Algebra Videos (continuation)

Literature - Book House Volumes 10 and 11, History of English Literature (1st half), Animal Farm, Pilgrim's Progress (along with audio), Robin Hood (McSpadden)

English - Maxwell's School Composition (continuation), McGuffey's 4th Reader (continuation), LoF Language Arts series, Figuratively Speaking oral and written narrations, Book of Centuries, commonplace book, dictation

History - In Freedom's Cause (Henty), Joan of Arc (Twain), Martin Luther (Morrison)

Nature - Adventures with a Microscope, The Sea Around Us, nature sketchbook

Physics - Secrets of the Universe series (Fleisher), Physics for Entertainment, World of Physics (Tiner)

Biographies of Scientists - A Piece of the Mountain (about Pascal), George Washington Carver, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein (Cwiklik)

Astronomy - Experience Astronomy, Signs and Seasons (1st part), Great Astronomers (select chapters)

Economics - Whatever Happened to Penny Candy

Logic - Fallacy Detective, How to Read a Book (1st part)

Architecture - Child's History of the World: Architecture

Art - Line Upon Line (Arduini)

Geography - Lost in the Barrens (Mowat), David Livingstone (Moody Press)

Poetry - Beowulf, Sir Gawaine and the Green Knight, Hiawatha

Bible - Courage and Conviction (finish), Trial and Triumph, More Than a Carpenter, God's Smuggler

Character - Practical Happiness (Schultz)

Greek - Hey Andrew Level 4, Hey Andrew John copywork

Typing - Mastering Computer Typing (continuation)

Current Events - unsure


5th Grader for a select reader/doer/baker/builder:


Math - CLE 405 through half of level 5 (that's the goal anyway), LoF (start with Farming and see how it goes), Fractions Book using C-Rods (2nd half)

Literature - My Book House Volumes 5 and 6,

English - Maxwell's First Book in English, McGuffey's Speller and 3rd Reader (continuation), ABC's And All Their Tricks, oral and written narrations, copywork, dictation, Book of Centuries

History - Pages of History Volume 1, Martin Luther (Robinson), Champlain (Moore), Hudson (Saffer) Joan of Arc (Nolan), Nate Saint (Benge)

Nature - My Side of the Mountain, Story Book of Science with corresponding video, nature sketchbook

Anatomy - Blood and Guts, Simon Seymour titles, Life Before Birth

Biographies of Scientists - Story of Inventions (maybe), I'm hoping my library will order a few audio cds I requested about scientists

Logic - Logic Liftoff, possibly The Great Chocolate Caper

Art - Home Art Studio or Line Upon Line with older brother

Geography - Where Am I? (Smith)

Poetry - unsure

Bible - God's Great Covenant (CAP), Grandpa's Box, Pilgrim's Progress (with audio cd), Young Christian's Intro to Bible 

Character - Boyhood and Beyond (Schultz)

Greek - Hey Andrew Level 3

Typing - Mastering Computer Typing

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