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Physics for a 4th and 8th grader?


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We only had the books, which I purchased at CurrClick. My precocious 4th grader ran it herself, and her science loving 6th grade brother jumped in often. She couldn't tell you which type of sound wave just happened, but she remembers and can apply the concept. The hands on activities drive the program. The majority of them were simple to set up, and packed a conceptual bang for their buck. I'd say we had 90% of the supplies in the house already. I remember a lot of string, tape, balloons, random objects to use as weights (Hot Wheels, Pink Pearl erasers, whatever LOL). It taught the specific sound wave and how it worked, so an older kid with no physics under their belt would get fed. A younger kid will love the hands on aspect and remember the broad ideas.

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I don't mind if it's a little above the 4th grader's head.  I can make it work.


We liked Ellen McHenry's The Elements for chemistry.




Did you use The Elements with your younger child?  I'm considering using it with a few 4th graders this year.

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