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Crosspost: Great sale on TI-84 Plus CE color graphing calculator

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Paying with the Target card gets another 5% off sale price at Target. We are cheapskates.


So best deal is price match Walmart weekly ad but buy at Target. Then you get 5% off $88.


Glad you get yours though.


Also depends on what stores are closer/more convenient (less $ for gas) and what rewards you get with other credit cards.  ;)


ETA: Admittedly I didn't calculate what ours ended up being with gas etc calculated. I do know I don't consider my time to be free. I will gladly pay an extra dollar or two to save time and frustration if a store is closer or just a more pleasurable experience for whatever reason. 


Money is just one part of the cost equation. 

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Is a TI-84 Plus sufficient through Calc AB/BC? Will we need an Nspire? Anybody with calculator knowledge know?

It is sufficient. My oldest did the AP Calculus BC in May with a TI84 Plus CE because my kids like color.

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Thanks for your update. Just got the new 7th grader's supply list.  The school requires a  ti84 for  pre-alg.  Funny,   afterschooling , we  are about to start  pre-calc. without having used any calculator.

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The school requires a ti84 for pre-alg. Funny, afterschooling , we are about to start pre-calc. without having used any calculator.

Drilling on a TI 84 will help with college testing (SAT, ACT, subject tests).
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