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Making Math Meaningful

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Hello all,


My oldest is 10 1/2 yo, entering 5th grade.  He's bright and I'm wanting to keep him challenged/interested in math.  I have tried multiple curricula.  Right now I'm doing a combination of Beast Academy and Math Mammoth, which is fine.  I just heard about Making Math Meaningful, and it sounded interesting.  I'm wondering, should I look into it?  What are the pros and cons of this curriculum?  Do you know about how it does with 5th and 6th grade?  Thanks.



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Making Math Meaningful was VERY popular in  my homeschool community in the 90s, when Professional Educators were telling everyone that every.single.child needed to use manipulatives if he wanted to ever understand math. This was not true of my dc (or me) and so I just wasn't interested. However, it might be different for your dc. There are samples of all the student books so you can get an idea of what is covered and how it's covered.



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They do a very good job of explaining concepts in a concrete way before moving to the abstract algorithms. I have used levels 4 through 6 with a range of children (from remedial 5th graders to a gifted 1st grader) with success for all of them. After level 6 the program moves straight to algebra, although it is a very light algebra and I used it as a prealgebra for my gifted student.


What I am wondering though is why you are wanting to move away from Beast Academy. You say you want to keep him challenged Is Beast Academy not challenging him? What level are you using? If you have done all the levels that Beast has out then MMM 5 and 6 probably won't challenge him enough. Have you considered going into AOPS prealgebra? There have been several threads recently about using it without completing the Beast series.


Beast and AOPS prealgebra weren't available when my gifted student needed them, otherwise I would have probably gone that direction with him.

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