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Needing help for my 9th grader

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I am needing to find an online long distance learning class.  I want someone who can assess where she is at an individualize a program for her so we can get going in the right direction.  I left too much to chance with my older son and I want to make sure this daughter is getting what she needs.


Thank you,



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FWIW, doing all on-line classes can be a bit draining and hard to keep up with.


Do you want them all from the same source? More like public school at home such as K-12, or something else?


Do you have any idea what and how many credits she needs to take?


What are graduation requirements where you live, if any? What are her plans for after High School?

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What grade will she be in? 


Have you used any online classes in the past that she either liked/didn't like?  Do you want one, single source of all her subjects? Or would you be willing to use different providers for different subjects?  (Some single source/complete program providers: Calvert, K12,   Veritas Press, Memoria Press, your state's virtual high school, if you have one.)


Have you done any standardized testing (SAT? SAT10? ITBS? other?) that gives you some idea of what her strengths/weaknesses are?


K12 through a public charter would be the most economical (free or close to free), but definitely the least flexible in terms of courses.  It also tends to get tedious to do all subjects in the same format. K12 also doesn't have much of a real time, live component.


Individual providers can be more pricy, but you get to pick and choose the best classes and the best teachers for your particular student. Live online classes (where a group of students and teacher meet live, all students being able to hear the teacher and see her "whiteboard" and being able to chat their answers/thoughts) tend to be much more engaging than watching recorded lectures.

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