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I just attended the first day of Classical Conversations 3-day practicum and I'm finally understanding the "Why" of memory work.  With that said, I'd like to know if "First Language Lessons" 2 would go well with "Spelling You See" level C.  I have The OPGTR to continue on with phonics also.  My son in in the grammar stage (CC Foundations) but I want to make sure that I'm doing school at home for language arts and math in case CC doesn't work out for us.  This will be our first year in CC.  I really like how simple they make it when it comes to curriculum.  I am actually going to be returning unneccesary curriculum and I'd like some input.  Will these two work well together?  Do you know if the phonics/spelling rules line up with each other?  

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We're doing SYS level C right now. It doesn't really have any rules, per se - you mark various phonics patterns (generally certain kinds of multi-letter phonograms, plus y-as-a-vowel), but there's no discussion of why one phonogram versus another. It ought to fit in with any phonics or spelling program, particularly ones that teach phonograms - OPGTR ought to mesh just fine (you could even mark the OPGTR words with the SYS markings - I do that with WWE copywork and dictation).


As far as I know, FLL doesn't have any spelling component - it's grammar and pre-composition work (narration, memorization, and also copywork iirc), so it ought to fit just fine with any phonics/spelling program.

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