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Speaking of pottying, and bed-wetting- Do those cool-alert pull ups work?

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I haven't tried them yet. 2yod really really needs to start using the potty (she'll be three this summer) so I'm not spending a fortune on pull ups. We buy the regular ones at Sam's for less than we'd pay at Wal-Mart, but I'm willing to use a coupon and get the cool-alert ones if they make any difference.

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My 6 y/o bedwetter hates the cool-alert ones. She still doesn't wake up when she wets the bed, but she can't stand the way they feel when she wakes up wet in the morning (which is most mornings). She actually asks me not to buy them.


However, I would think that a 2 year old potty training child is far different from a 6 year old bedwetting child -- so you might want to give them a shot. I do think they provide a very different sensation, based on my dd's reaction to them, and they might work great for waking-hours potty training.

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Yeah, I wouldn't try them on my 6yo bedwetter- my mom and my aunt and everybody else says to get them to stop wetting their bed you stop the drinks an hour before bed time (that's SO hard for me- I don't like telling a thirsty person they can't drink) and make the potty before bed, then when you go to bed put them on the potty again and make them go- supposedly they go right back to sleep.

My 6yos has been wearing Goodnights, but lots of times he still wakes up with wet sheets, and the last few times his sheets have been wet the Goodnight pull-ups looked almost dry- it's like they just aren't absorbing anything.

LOL, that's probably TMI but I'm on my second beer :-) (That's probably TMI too, sorry ROFLOL)

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