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Computer Based Math...Monarch, Teaching Textbooks or What?


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My 6th grade son finished Singapore Math 6A/B and needs to move on to pre-algebra. He is bright and learns quickly, but doesn't necessarily like math. He gets it done without much complaint, but does the minimum and only for the end result of being done so he can have free time (screen time on his iPad).


I'm looking into curriculum that he can do on the computer that checks itself to help myself out a lot. I had a hard time grading everyone's math everyday this past school year. There doesn't seem to be very many options, so I'm looking at Teaching Textbooks and Alpha Omega Monarch/SOS, pre-algebra level. Does anyone have any opinions on these and which would be a better fit after Singapore? Are there any other computer based pre-algebra level math. Cost isn't really a concern.

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We've used monarch and Switched on Schoolhouse for other issues and I do NOT reccomend them. Buggy at times, wrong answers, a pain to set up, etc. Teaching Textbooks is super simple to set up, and the child can work on their own. We love it. My son, who is behind because he slacked off and played too many video games (another issue entirely and my fault for not checking up on him while facing book deadlines of my own) is finishing Algebra II now. I asked if he wanted to switch to say, Aleks math because he might be able to finish up sooner and he said no, he's not doing ANYTHING but Teaching Textbooks, lol. He likes it that much . Or at least, he thinks it is that usable. 


We've also used Kinetic Books and do NOT reccomend it. 

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