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Couch-to-5K: July 12-18

c25k: July 12-18  

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I tried W6D3 yesterday but couldn't finish it. After 17 minutes my legs simply refused to run any further and I ended up walking the rest of the way home. I tried to start running again a couple of times but it just wasn't there. That was disappointing. I have some ideas what the problem was though. I run first thing in the morning and usually drink a glass of water first. I forgot the water yesterday and think that may have been part of the problem. Also, TOM is a few days away and my energy levels always tank in the days leading up. I'm not sure what that'll mean for W7 runs. I'm going to try for the 24 minutes(?) tomorrow and see what happens. I'll at least go as far as I can and try to build each day.

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