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Could I get opinions?


Would LoF be necessary as a supplement if using Tabletclass? This would be in Pre-Alg and on through high school.


My son gets frustrated in the lack of explanation in the  LOF.


I'm also concerned with the best use of his time and two math curriculums, at the higher levels, may be a misuse of his time.


Any thoughts?





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I am also looking forward to Tablet class prealgebra.and decided on using MM7 with it.Is Tabletclass sale around?


Why do you think MM7 would be good to supplement TC?





Anyone with any idea about LoF supplementation? TC is a complete course, from what I've read, and LoF is at the high school levels, so it might be a too much.


Are there enough word problems in TC?



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Courtesy of dereksurfs from another posting:



TabletClass Math Super Sale Is Back! Deals That Are 50% OFF And Better!!

We have been flooded with this sales request- so in an effort to help families join TabletClass we have decided to run this sale one more time this year!!
  • 1 Full Course $50 (Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra 2)
  • 4 Course Power Pack $100
  • 100 hours of video per course
  • Deep instruction by a master math teacher
  • Many, many problems with FULL video solutions
  • All course material included (worksheets, tests/keys, notes)
  • Final Exams, pacing chart, grading chart supplement
Sale End Date To Be Determined
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