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Has anyone used "Discovering French Today" ? Other grammar-based French?

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Looking for a grammar-based French course for High School. From the little bit that I can see, Discovering French Today looks good, but I want to be sure before I buy. Has anyone here used it? Or, alternatively, if you've had success with another high school, grammar-based program..... please share. 


Thanks, Jackie

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After looking at several standard high school French textbooks (Bon Voyage, Bien Dit, Discovering French, etc.) and typical home school French texts (Memoria Press, BJU, etc.) in search of the "perfect" solution, I found that French 1, 2, and 3 texts from different publishers are almost all the same.  Kind of makes sense given that they have to start from the beginning.


We decided to use Glencoe's Bon Voyage 1 & 2 since that was the series used at our local b&m high school, and, if the boys decided to go to a b&m school for high school, it would make for a smooth transition.  It got the job done, and it was easy to implement because all the lessons had the same format.....  First half of the lesson: read the two pages of vocabulary, do two pages of exercises on that vocab, read the two pages on grammar, do the two-four pages of grammar exercises. Second half of the lesson: exactly the same as the first half (another two pages of vocab....)  At the end of each lesson, there was a two-four page section of reading about some aspect of French culture or a French-speaking country.  It also had workbooks and a book of chapter tests to go along with each level.


My daughter is taking French with TPS, using the BJU French 1 & 2 text. It's pretty standard, too, except it adds a fair amount of specifically Christian content. It's ok. I'm sure it will get the job done, too.


Good luck with your search!



ETA:  I should add that I'm competent in French, although my spoken French is afflicted with a horribly heavy American accent. A background in French made it easy for me to teach French 1 & 2. It might be harder to do if you don't have some knowledge of French....


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Thank you, Yvonne. I, too, am competent in French, with a less-than-perfect accent. ;) Dd used BJU last year with Veritas, but I don't want to continue with them for reasons other than the actual method or content. I think that your comment about "getting the job done" is actually the crux of the matter. I should probably quit searching, just buy the darn thing, and get it done. Thank you for responding. Jackie

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