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SCM's Using Language Well

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I really like the looks of it.  I've been using Dictation Day by Day which is somewhat similar to Spelling Wisdom and have often contemplated a similar approach as what they've done with this language arts.  I have never had the time to develop something to go along with Dictation Day by Day and have compromised by using Fix-It Grammar which has a similar feel for me.  They don't have the higher levels I would need but I may just use this for my second grader.

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I considered it but decided not to jump in. I did have the same concerns about where the higher levels were going - especially when I couldn't even see the middle/end of level 2. But the main reason is my kids just don't "one size fits all". My eldest is dyslexic, so while he could handle the grammar in level 2 (probably easily) he could not manage the spelling. And my next is very quick in the language areas - it was just too easy for him (at least judging by the sample -- and really, I could just tell him to mark the parts of speech in his copywork, he wouldn't need a program for that). Perhaps it would work for my third child, but he is a hyperactive late reading pencil phobe so ... :lol:

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I ended up purchasing the e-book (level 2) and had a read through it yesterday.  I don't think we will use it as it moves very slowly.  Lessons 1-21 covered nouns and pronouns, then at lesson 22 verbs were introduced.  I didn't look much further as DS10 has finished with FLL3 recently and this would have been much too basic and drawn out for him (even as review).  We decided to go with IEW's Fix It instead.  SCM really need to show more samples as I couldn't gauge much from the samples on their site.


I see what you mean about the spelling, the studied dictation gets very lengthy toward the end of the book.  My DS would hate having to re-write all of that, although if we decided to use this program I wouldn't have used the studied dictation anyway - I was looking at it more for simplifying grammar.

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