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Science Video Ideas?


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I'm kind of thinking I might like to try a science video series this year (since I'm really weak on following though with science, esp projects). My kids are 5, 8, and 9. Anyone have any recommendations... besides magic school bus? Ha ha. If it could be physics related that would be even better!

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Physics is a tough one, especially elementary physics. There are things - like Mythbusters, which cover a lot of that stuff, or those Science of Imagineering videos or things that are physics adjacent like Cosmos. Or you could watch Bill Nye - he does have a bunch of episodes about basic physics concepts. But you're not going to find a ton beyond that - I'm sure there are some individual titles too, but not big series.


You'll do a lot better if you want to do a video series about any topic in biology. There's a ton of stuff for that, like all those Attenborough series, which are all on Netflix, or things like Your Inner Fish about evolution.



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Bill Nye has a lot of physics ones, which is what we're studying too this year.




Bill Nye also has Safety Smart videos on Electricity, Fire and Renewable Energy.




Here are the The Science Of Disney Imagineering ones that were previously mentioned...http://dep.disney.go.com/search.html?q=&cat=0,0,32.


Don't discount The Magic School Bus. There are several physics episodes, many of which can be found on The Magic School Bus: Season's Greetings. Believe it or not, DD actually learns a good bit from these. I look for MSB audiobooks as well. Although, I'm not recalling any physics ones at the moment.


You might also look into BrainPOP, which has quizzes, educational games, worksheets, etc. that correspond with each video clip. Check to see whether you can access through your school district for free.


Two other options are:


http://rocknlearn.com/html/science_and_social_studies.htm - Rock 'n Learn


http://www.libraryvideocompany.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=Physical+Science+In+Action&Submit= - Schlessinger Media

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I tend to go to youtube and look for BBC or national Geographic documentaries.  We also like Nature and The Nature of Things.  The latter has some documentaries that might include physics aspects, including episodes on weather topics, chaos theory, nano-tecnology, snowflakes, Einstein, cars...



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There are videos for The Way Things Work. 13 minutes each. They are cartoon and move quickly through the ideas, but can be a good basic intro.

My kids enjoyed them and they were a good supplement. 


We recently found a few of these on youtube.  I would LOVE to have all of them, but cannot find an affordable price for the series.  

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