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Happy Father's Day! (and to any other Dads on here that I may not know about)


You sound like such wonderful fathers and I hope you have a special day with your children. I appreciate that you are a part of our homeschool family here on the forum. It wouldn't be the same without you!



Also sending thoughts to the family of Thathomeschooldad today. He is very much missed by many.


Oops..guess I read too quickly.  You already mentioned him!

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Yes.  Happy Father's Day to all the fathers here -- present and departed.


Thank you, especially, for remembering Tom.  He was a great father to a very special girl and wonderful friend to many here.  Special hugs to Tom's wife.  She was dearly loved by him.

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Happy USA Father's Day...!


Not just USA. NL too, and probably a bunch of other countries.


I didn't want to share mother's day after my husband transitioned to female, so I've got father's day as my day despite my back-and-forth on the whole gender thing.

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