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LA online class for 5th grade?

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I have rising second and fifth graders. I also have a newly turned two year old. I'm hitting a wall with homeschooling, but don't want to give it up as we are military and this works overall. My oldest and I butt heads a lot when it comes to school. He doesn't like to take direction from me, and complains about just about anything I ask him to do. It's wearing me out.


So, this year, I want to outsource his Language Arts, the thing he's weakest in and the one I struggled to keep up with this year. I have been using LOE, and I absolutely love it, but it's just too much work to plan a lesson for each of my boys, plus keep the baby entertained while we do it, all while arguing with my oldest to do it. His test scores this year have him advanced in math, but just barely at level in LA. (With the exception of reading, which he is several grades ahead and loves.) know it's mostly my fault for not keeping up on the lessons.


Anyone have any ideas? I want a program that is easy for us to follow and gives him a lot of independence. He does okay when I am just guiding him through something versus doing all the teaching and correcting. He's also great with a computer, and loves any chance to do work on it. Something with great books as part of it would also be welcome. He really needs to write more, but hates it. That is definitely a huge factor in our LA frustrations.

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Your struggles with your son sound a lot like mine.  I have registered him for one of the Well Trained Mind Academy online classes for writing next year and I am also considering registering for a grammar course too. I am hoping this will give him some accountability and make him answer to someone other than me for a change. 

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Um, thank you, Charlene! The intro to Expository Writing looks like exactly what I'm looking for. I can strip the LOE lessons down to just spelling, and he should get the rest in this class, it looks like. I'm excited about this!

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