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ugh. depression is back.


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Halcyon, how are you  doing?  :grouphug:


Thank you for asking. I am okay. I am laying low today. Homeschooling is fine--don't have too much trouble with that. DH wants to take me out for a mini-date this evening, so I am going to try and motivate for that. 


I am knitting, and reading light fare. That helps. It's the real life stuff I have problems with.

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Thank you all, so, so much. Went out with hubby tonight. I felt, initally, that the service was poor, and I was getting irritated (side effect of depression). I got a glass of rose and a cheese plate, and felt much better. Afterward, I asked DH if we could, possibly, do this once a week, or maybe even once every other week. It was nice to get out, to talk about things that are going on (not necessarily the kids, if you KWIM). He was very up for the idea, which pleased me. 


I am worried about tomorrow, TBH. Long day at work, feeling very anxious about just....facing the real world. That's really it, in the end. The real world. I do fine in books and movies and playing Battleship with the kids. Just fine. But when it comes to dealing with real people, and real problems, not so good. A friend of mine, just 43, has cancer and it looks very very bad. 


I just feel a bit desperate when it comes to the real world.

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Halcyon...  :grouphug:


The real world can be a rough place sometimes.  We went to a funeral this weekend for a 38 year old man.  It's not fair, and I'm so sorry about your friend.  :(   Some days you just look around and think, good lord, what next?!?


Feel the sadness and the anger, but know that they will not stay forever.  As Texasmama said, you will find true north again.

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