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MFW Economics in a box - would love reviews

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I've used Econ in a Box, which mfw schedules in 12th grade.  They don't make that product and have to price it the way the publisher says.  That's the only thing I didn't like about it - the price was higher as single semester credit product than what I like to pay. But in spite of that I think we got our money's worth.


We liked it.  We liked the think tank approach. Some articles and watch some videos (from point of view of money isn't evil, capitalism is not bad thing, and aware of social justice issues balanced with also aware of unintended consequences of good intentions).  Have discussion on them. Articles and books were written by different authors.  Student writes in workbook.  There is teacher version with answers.


We did not do most of the "classroom"/co-op projects, but still feel that the course was enough without them.  We did it as a family instead of an independent learning course. My dh and I both wanted to know the content of course.  And then we all enjoyed reading/discussing together.   We invited the 9th grader to participate with us.  Because she was younger sib, it worked out.  I wouldn't recommend 9th or 10th graders doing this course on their own.  Even my oldest was more advanced academically, and she just wouldn't have gotten as much out of it.  But as a group family class, it was ok to do that. probably not what MFW would tell anyone, but that's what we did.


I have to share this aspect a bit.  My oldest just finished her first year of college. She had a course in fall and one in spring where she ended up using some of the main texts from EBOX. (common sense economics, and money greed and god)   One course was on Sustainability, and she was able to use parts of the one book with some of her discussions and essays.  That course was set up very much like EBOX - think tank.  read the articles from various authors on this subject, come to class for discussion, write some short thoughts on it.   Then, the other class was English comp. second semester.  The overall theme in that semester was writings about money decisions. So when she had to write some essays and even the basic research paper, several things were from this course.


all of that to say it was a good college prep course for that.  so, we got our money's worth.

It didn't feel boring to read all of the stuff.   


any other questions from reading that?


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