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Drag and Drop Phonics app? (Substitute for tangible manipulatives)

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I'm looking for an app for either an iPad or Kindle that is simple. I'm hoping to find one that would support an Orton-Gillingham approach similar to All About Spelling/Reading or Logic of English. I have both of their apps, and while they're helpful, I'd love to find one that would alleviate the need for actual manipulatives for youngest ds. Something travel-friendly. 

Any suggestions appreciated.  :)

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For young children, I like "magnetic ABC," I use it with my young remedial phonics students. For my older students, I use various doodle apps and just have them write letters, they don't mind if it is fun colors. My last 4th grade student liked Kidsdoodle, she thought it was great fun, it is a different neon color every time you lift your finger.


Here is a short movie showing how the magnetic abc app works:


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I'm confused. I have the AAS app and two LOE apps. None of them require manipulatives. Well one is basically just a phonogram chart if I recall correctly. For LOE I had Doodling Dragons and another one. I like the DD book but I do not like the DD app.



I'm sorry, to clarify... For the purpose of word building, hence the "drag and drop" reference.

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