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Hm, I'm afraid I do not think in outlines, and am lucky if I can write complete lists. Here's what I have on the docket for my boy who'll be 13 in January and an eighth grader on paper.


Build-Your-Library History of Science
Bridget Arduin's Chemistry
Jensen's Format Writing
Teaching Textbooks Algebra
Artistic Pursuits Construct
Practice Makes Perfect Spanish workbooks

That's what I'm teaching at home. He also goes to Sunday School, attends game programmers' club meetings, takes classical guitar and Celtic harp lessons, runs a Dungeons & Dragons campaign at a homeschool center, is enrolled in a three-hour-a-week science and math club, does indoor rock climbing with friends once a week, and has a membership at the YMCA down the block.

I made a conscious decision this year to keep it simple at home so he could amp up his social life.

ETA: Kiddo really wants to do a YouthDigital Blender course online, too, so we may add that in.


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We are starting school in a week, and I think I finally have a plan. I don't have all the books, but I have a plan. :tongue_smilie:


English: Analytical Grammar

Writing: Intro to Essay Writing from Coram Deo Tutorials (a "gentle" intro to LTOW-style essays)

Math: Foerster's Algebra I

Science: Novare Physical Science

History/Literature: Build Your Library's History of Science

Bible: Memoria Press History of Christianity

Latin: Latin 100 online with Lone Pine Classical School

Computer: Impact Virtual Learning's DigiDesign in the fall, possibly Intro to Coding in the spring

Art: art history using the Annotated Mona Lisa, the Annotated Arch, and the Story of <composer> CD's (this will be a casual subject, she will just read through the books during the year)

Music: piano and choir





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I feel like a slacker compared to some of your lists! DS will start most of his work after Labor Day and I'm outsourcing more than ever, but our tentative plan for the 1st semester is:


Math- AOPS Geometry Online


Science- Genetics w/ online class recommended by someone here


Reading- Connect the Thoughts Science Fiction


Civics- Connect the Thoughts American Civics


Writing- Attuneup online


Greek- Lukeion Greek 1 


Spanish- Homeschool Spanish Academy


Art- sitting in on Homeschool Art Studio with younger kids


Music- guitar lessons


PE- martial arts


Computer- 3D Printing w/ YouthDigital





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OK, so I've never posted here before but have gotten such good ideas from you all I thought it was time I contributed what little I can... I'm close to finalizing my plans for 8th grade (2nd yr homeschooling).  

They are:



Saxon Alg 2 w/ Art Reed DVD's

Statistics w/Dad (discussing Naked Statistics chapter by chapter)




Stewart English

update:  Switched to Holt Handbook Second Course  



WWS 2 (trying it out, if it doesn't go well, I'm thinking of the Lively Art of Writing or Cover Story)  

update: WWS 2 is not going particularly well, so I've signed up for WriteGuide to help with a literary analysis essay I had my son do at the beginning of the year on Lord of the Rings.  WWS 2 is too laser focused on a particular skill for my son.  He just can't see how each micro skill fits into the big picture and I'm finding it harder and harder to convince him that there is a big picture in mind.  

update2:   WriteGuide was terrible.  Switching to Lively Art of Writing and using Lightening Lit assignments.  



Lightening Lit 8 (minus A Christmas Carol b/c he's done it)  

Maybe a Movies as Literature unit (To Kill a Mockingbird & also read it to compare??)

Hamlet w/Classics Club from Center for Lit 



Vocabu Lit 8



Time4Learning Physical Science (HS)

Real Science 4 Kids Labs

Maybe Conceptual Academy's Physical Science Explorations Independent Study if I don't like Time4Learning

Coursera's Water in the Western U.S. (we live in CA, so...)  

update: Coursera's How Things Work for physics  (love this!)



Yikes, still shaky on this one, but we're doing U.S. History.  I think I'm going to do Joy Hakim's History of US alongside the Freedom: A History of US webisodes & videos spending a lot of time on primary sources and touching on some DBQ's

Videos, videos 

update: Switched to using Annenberg's A Biography of America for video lectures and added in Critical Thinking Press activities



Rosetta Stone

Destinos course through Annenberg Learning (we'll see how that goes - I took French in school, so cannot help AT ALL in this area)

update:  This course is working really well for us.  The background story keeps it interesting, the accompanying workbook chunks the concepts very well and there are tests in the workbook as well.  I bought it directly from Annenberg media.



Logic - Fallacy Detective & perhaps a Coursera course: Think Again: How to Reason and Argue or Reason and Persuasion: Thinking through Three Dialogues By Plato  Not sure on these yet

The "How to Think Like Sherlock" posted by Jean looks enticing though, I have to investigate that one (no pun intended!!)

update:  I just can't find what I'm looking for here.  I like Fallacy Detective, but I read an article saying that good arguments should be taught before fallacies and it really made sense to me.  Teach a skill, not everything that is NOT that skill...  

But I can't find a good source for teaching arguments that is not too advanced.  Still on the look-out...


Intro to Socratic Discussion WTMAcademy? - Going to try 2nd semester


PE - Club soccer, Tennis


Raspberry Pi course in our area.


It's a work in progress, which, thanks to you all, I don't feel at all bad about!








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I love reading all the plans, so here are mine :)



Math: Finish AOPS Intro to Algebra and start Geometry. We may overlap them a little. We'll see.


English: Finish Analytical Grammar,  Lively Art of Writing, Windows to the World and probably EIL: Intro to literature (at least part of it, we'll see how it fits.)


Science: Conceptual Physics


History: The American Odyssey, Colonies to Constitution from CTC (if it works, I'll get the rest of the books)


French: Grammaire Progressive du Francais Pour Les Adolescents: Debutant, Communication Progressive du Francais with a tutor plus Duolingo.


PE: fencing


She will also continue the Saturday Russian school, so Russian language, literature, history, plus art and theater.


And I'll see if I can squeeze in some Chemistry and Art history. I think I'll go start working on weekly plans now :)


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