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Runners. Waist belt suggestions?

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Any runners on the board?  What do you wear to carry phone, keys, id and such?  Dd will be doing a cross country camp and some running over the summer.  She absolutely detests the armbands - she finds them very annoying.  But, she wants to listen to her ipod and I want her to carry a phone and ID when she runs in our neighborhood.  She is about a size 2.  Any waterproof, bounce-free belts that don't cost an arm and a leg?  

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I use a Nathan hydration belt. 2 8 oz. water bottles, pouch and key pocket. Love it.... Used it on runs up to 18 miles.

Sometimes I carry little bags in my Spi belt while I'm walking the dog a couple miles...somehow that doesn't sound nearly as impressive.... :thumbdown: ;)


Not a belt, but Skirt Sports skirts have fabulous pockets for phones, keys, and other items in the shorties under the skirt. I don't even need a belt when I'm wearing a Skirt Sports skirt.

My favorite pair of running shorts is a skirt! ;)

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I also use the Flip Belt.  Just like your DD the armbands made me CRAZY, so I broke down and bought a flip belt.  LOVE IT.  I always carry my phone, key, sometimes a chap stick along now.  


The only downside so far (and it isn't a big one) is that my Lifeproof phone case doesn't always slide super easily into the pocket, but it isn't any huge deal.  Well, the other down side is that when I forget to put it on before I leave home, it feels like I am putting on my underpants when I have to step into it in public.   :laugh:

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