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Artistic Pursuits K-3 Book 1 - Supply list by lesson?

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Does any have a supply/needed materials list organized BY LESSON for this book? I just ordered it from Christian Books, but since I am overseas,, it'll take 2-6 weeks to arrive, and I'm writing up the schedule for that child now. I include supply lists and notes with my schedules, so I don't have to purchase everything at once, but have everything pre-organized.


Thanks to anyone who can help. All I could find is the art supply pack, which would just tell me total stuff needed, and I don't have the money to purchase everything right now (just had to get a big load of firewood and replace the pump to our back tank, so pretty broke, lol)

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Lesson 1:  Watercolour crayons, Watercolour paper, brush.  (Note, we use the same sketchpad for drawing and for the watercolour, it hasn't been a problem so far, so don't worry too much about special paper...)


Lesson 2:  Same, plus pencil, and can of water (which you needed for the first one as well anyway.)

Lesson 3: Ebony pencil, sketch paper, eraser

Lesson 4:  Watercolour crayons, brush, etc.

Lesson 5:  Watercolour crayons etc., plus photograph to copy and tape to hold it down.

Lesson 6:  Ebony pencil and eraser

Lesson 7:  Watercolour crayons etc.

Lesson 8:  Oil pastels, pencil, eraser, drawing paper.

Lesson 9:  Chalk pastels, coloured construction paper.

Lesson 10: Oil pastels, sketch paper

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