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Ancient History with Mills users- timelines, schedules, etc- KFamily or anyone else

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Due to budget restraints and library issues I'm considering just having ds do ancient history and I'm considering Dorothy Mill's Book of the Ancient World. Looking at the TOC on Amazon and kFamily's Mind in the Light blog I'm not certain that this is to cover an entire year though. Looking at MP it seems they don't schedule these until 8th, although they listed as 6th-8th.


So, if you have used Mill's book can you tell me anything about how you used it and with what books? Any good resources/schedules/lists to recommend?

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Yes, I have it arranged for 17 weeks, so I could see how you would want to add to it if you are focusing just on ancient history. I have The Book of the Ancient Greeks set up for 23 weeks, so this would be a total of 40 weeks. This would be manageable if you didn't mind going a bit over the typical 36 week schedule. Or, you could also just add more books to fill it out The Book of the Ancient World. I have links set up to correspond to the schedule of The Book of the Ancient World with some resources that might be helpful on my blog...under Year Five.


Here are some book ideas that might work:


Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt by Elizabeth Payne

Tutankhamun (Demi)

Explorers of the Ancient World by Anthony Brierley

The Gilgamesh Trilogy by Zeman

Tales from Egypt by Roger Lancelyn Green

Hatshepsut, His Majesty, Herself by Catherine M. Andronik



I keep the number of historical fictions down, so there are lots of options you could add in with these. Also, I could probably find more non-fiction and biography suggestions, if I looked for them.


If your library has any of the World in Ancient Times books, then you could add one or two of these. (Ex. The Ancient Near Eastern World, The Ancient Egyptian World, etc.)





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Going through old posts I found this one of yours :

If she has already read SOTW, then I might just focus on the other books. I did notice that you don't have anything listed for the ancient Romans. I think I would start with The Book of the Ancient World and then follow with the Famous Men of Greece book. Once you've reached the latter book, you could then begin a thorough study of the ancient Greeks.


I would use the Eyewitness book as a reference book only.


You might want to add one or two books to coordinate with The Book of the Ancient World, such as The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt by Elizabeth Payne or The Great Pyramid by Elizabeth Mann. A fiction book such as The Golden Goblet might be fun too.


When you reach Famous Men of Greece, you could begin reading through the many books you have listed, such as Greek Myths and the Iliad/Odyssey retellings. You have some overlap with the Iliad/Odyssey retellings.


Trojan War Book (along with student/teacher guide) This is the book we use. You could pair this with a retelling of the Odyssey. The author of Black Ships before Troy (Rosemary Sutcliff) wrote one (The Wanderings of Odysseus) and we liked it.
The Children's Homer  This contains both the Iliad and Odyssey retellings. This would be a good one to cover both.
Black Ships before Troy This is a shorter but fun version of the Iliad.
The Iliad (Classic Starts)
The Story of the Iliad (Alfred Church version)


I don't know of any schedules that arranges all of these with SOTW, but someone else here might know that.


You could follow with the Famous Men of Rome book and coordinate a fiction, non-fiction and/or biography to go along with it too.


If you are trying to stay on a budget and not order more books, the Famous Men of Rome book is free online and I could suggest a couple of free resources. Also, perhaps your library might have a few choices.


I kind of like the way this sounds but then again maybe I should aim for less. I have some books on the Ancients from when we did it in 1st, we used SoTW and did almost all of it. I have started going through my books and kindle to see what I could use this time around.

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The plan posted above would work too.



I can go ahead and work on a reading schedule for Year Five's Ancient History, if this would help at all.


It will need to be completed at some point, so I can just go ahead and start it. Even if you decide to go with a different plan, this schedule might give you some ideas. I'll also be working on getting the lesson plans for The Book of the Ancient World ready for publishing. I'll be able to write a solid schedule since I've already completed the guide for it.



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kfamily- I don't want to increase your work or stress load at all. I would appreciate anything you do get done for my planning but don't just do it for my sake!


I think what I need to do at this point is preview the books, I think I have some kindle copies of some of the "Famous Men" books but between switching devices I'm having a hard time locating it right now. I am a bit concerned that perhaps the reading level of Mills' Ancient Times would be a bit much, I have a copy of her Middle Ages books and I love it but I need to read it again to get a better feel for where it is at, then again it seems I read that her Ancient times book is an easier read. As to how many books to go through it depends on how many supplementary books we use, I have some on hand already but I don't want to have to buy a lot or juggle a lot and I am just not consistent with getting to the library and rarely do they have what I'm looking for anyway. I did see that the Greenleaf Guide to the Famous Men books were cheap for the used copies on Amazon. 

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Ok, so I went through a few different lists and think I have a list going, I will need to buy the Mills' books but I think most of the rest I have, can obtain for free or is at my local library (as opposed to obtaining it through ILL which makes timing a nightmare). The list is much shorter than we have done before but it was a bit too much this year. This feels more doable as far as planning, money and time.


kfamily- I'm liking your plan so far and need to read more. So far we have just read and discussed for history but adding in some of the narration suggestions from your plan I think would be good.

*titles in red I have or can obtain for free


History of the Ancient World- Mills-$14

The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt- Landmark- $4

Pyramid- McCauley- $4- library book and movie

Treasury of Eqyptian Mythology-Napoli- library

How the Sphinx got to the Museum-picture book- non-fic-library


History of Ancient Greece-Mills-$18

Famous Men of Greece-$4- archive.org

Greek Mythology- d'Aulaire

Black Ships Before Troy- Illiad- Sutcliff-$4

The Odyssey- Kingfisher

Tools of the Ancient Greeks


History of Ancient Rome- Mills $18

Famous Men of Rome-$4-archive.org

History of Julius Caesar- Abbott

Shakespeare-Julius Caesar for Kids-free on prime lending library

City- McCauley-$5.5- library book and movie

Tools of the Ancient Romans-library ebook

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I've moved everything from my blog to a website now. Here it is: A Mind in the Light. At the website is a tab for Bookstore and once you click/hover over it, you can then see a few category tabs.


Here is where you can see samples. Also, if you click directly on the image of the guide you are interested in purchasing, it will take you directly to Lulu, where it can be purchased.


This link will take you to the category History.


I hope this helps! :)

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