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Hahaha, and here I had been typing them in myself, lol!  I was in the tutor section before.  There's just so much there.  Well good find, thanks for sharing!!  I agree, doing the fluency drills with Quizlet is AWESOME.  It's easy to change the font size with the finger gestures, star or limit, have them shuffle, etc.  Love, love, love.


I'll have to go in at some point and see how they organized theirs.  I've been doing three sets for every lesson, so words, phrases, and sentences.  I like having that ability to build up slowly with him.  Do they break them up somehow?

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I've had "type Barton words into Quizlet" on my to-do-list for a long time. After logging into the Barton tutor support section, I stumbled onto a section that seems to say that Barton words are already loaded in Quizlet for those that have the correct access passwords. I haven't done this yet but thought I'd share:


1) log into Barton Reading and Spelling's tutor support


2) scroll down to "Fluency Drills on Computer"


3) "Our fluency building drills are now available as Quizlet flashcards. Quizlet works on all Windows and Mac computers, as well as iPads and Android tablets. Quizlet is free, and so are our fluency flashcards.


4) Click on "Step by Step Instructions"


ETA: I'm typing using one finger on my iPhone 4. Ignore the typos.

Thanks. I had no idea what to do with quizlet. Lol
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