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Minimus Questions

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Has anyone used the new Minimus iBook? I'm trying to decide whether it would be better than the hard copy + CD.


Do you need the TM?


Have you used Minimus before or after GSWL?


Thanks so much!

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I used Minimus at the same time as GSWL, and all I have is the student book. It's pretty intuitive for me. It might not be for a teacher who has never studied Latin, though. I haven't tried the iBook.


I can't speak to the iBook, but found Minimus awkward to teach as a non-Latin person.  I think I'll have an easier time using it with N., because I'll have a few years of Latin under my belt by the time he's ready for it. 

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We don't use the iBook or the CD, just the regular book, which my daughter absolutely loves. We read through it, do the exercises and complement it with some extra practice using iPad apps. We are doing it instead of GSWL, with a view to moving to Latin Prep and, eventually, Wheelock. I don't use the TM, but am pretty proficient in Latin.

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