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History-aligned science?

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I haven't been able to find anything I want to do for science next year, and since I'm already planning to orient our LA around history, I got to thinking it might be interesting to do a series of science units that correlate with our history. Has anyone done this? Any resources? My preliminary Googling produced little.


We are going to be using Bookshark2/SOTW2 - Middle Ages-ish.

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Dr. Wile has a new elementary science series that does science following history.


The first one is 'Science in the Beginning'

The next is 'Science in the Ancient World'



(Of course, this is creation science.  I'm not sure your world view.    I know Science in the Beginning doesn't have a whole lot of religious references and I know a non-religious person who used it, just leaving out the couple of references to it.   Not sure about the later ones though.)

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Dr. Jay Wile's Science in the Beginning series goes through science chronologically. So far there is Science in the Beginning, Science in the Ancient World, and Science in the Scientific Revolution. It's decidedly creationist though, if that matters to you either way. While Dr. Wile himself is young earth, the series is much less dogmatic than Apologia and can be adapted either for a young earth or an old earth view.



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