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Apologia Young Explorers Chemistry/Physics for 3rd-4th co-op class?

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I'm thinking of teaching a science course for 3rd and 4th graders at our co-op.  Does anyone have experience with Apologia's Young Explorers Chemistry/Physics?  Would that be a good fit for this group?  Obviously, we could not finish the book in one semester (10 classes, 45 min) but possibly we could continue the 2nd semester.  I'm thinking that we would follow the book but do a brief lesson at beginning (10-15 min) and then the remainder would be hands-on activities/experiments.


We did do a chemistry (REal Science 4 Kids) pre-level last year, and liked that.  But I was thinking this curriculum would expand on that.


The other thing I want to ask -- are the materials for the experiments fairly easy to put hands on?  We have some basic equipment (graduated cylinders) here.  Also I have two classroom kits, one for states of matter and one for polymers which we could use.  Would those fit in?


Any thoughts and suggestions would be very welcome!


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