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Resources for a History of Sewing/Textiles self study?

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Hello, Everyone!

By the end this will sound all convoluted and complicated, probably, but I'm really just asking for resources for my own history of sewing/textiles summer study.


I'm really getting into sewing and loving it.  This summer, when I have a bit of breathing space, I'd like to study the history of textiles and sewing from a Catholic perspective.  I would love a mix of resources that would include:
-- Something textbook-ish for the history of sewing, and for the history of textiles.
-- Something to watch of a documentary nature for both.
-- Something that ties faith into both . . . for example, I once read a wonderful book about a boy and the construction of a cathedral in Paris.  The boy was a sculptor's son and there was so much interesting detail about sculpting and whatever coming of age story plus an interesting back and forth b/t spending on the church vs spending on the poor and it all culminated with St. Joan of Arc marching through the city.  I would love something beautifully written like that but with sewing as the backdrop instead of sculpting for the cathedral.
-- A movie for each
-- An interesting destination

I know that's a lot to ask but just if you have ideas, I would much appreciate them.  And FYI, I have a great love for beautiful language and old books so . . . that's more my style.

Crossed Fingers!

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A friend turned us onto a show called The Great British Sewing Bee. My daughter found it on Youtube and says it ad some interesting historical facts sprinkled throughout. 


On the BBC page there's links to things like Knitting's Golden Age and The Wonder of Embroidery


Irish Lace? On wiki there's references with interesting book titles like this one: http://books.google.com/books/about/Hardship_and_high_living.html?id=SKm2AAAAIAAJ


Mayan textiles, their textiles tell stories and it's interesting to see church symbolism in the weavings. 

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Here are some resources from the FIT museum:



I actually had to take a course in textiles history (not from FIT) and we had a textbook, so they are out there. 


This Google search pulled up some good sources:

"history of clothing"


Maybe more information than you want:




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