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Algebra 2 and AoPS question

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For a student that has completed AoPS Intro to Algebra, what more do they need to cover before moving on to a standard precalc course?


I've taken one student through the AoPS series. My next son is very good at math, but doesn't like the challenge of AoPS. I'm thinking about what he will need to fill in for Algebra 2 (after he finishes the AoPS Intro to Algebra book) before moving on. He's likely to go into a STEM career so he definitely needs a solid math background.

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Matrices and Trigonometry chapters from the AoPS PreCalculus text if you want to. Those topics are in Larson Algebra 2 text but should be covered again in a typical public school PreCalculus text.
The Larson textbooks I have included probability & statistics for algebra 1 and algebra 2 but you can cover those using The Practice of Statistics.



It is in Larson's
Chapter 4 Matrices and Determinants

Chapter 13 Trigonometric Ratios and Functions
Chapter 14 Trigonometric Graphs and Identities


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Look into Foerster's Algebra and Trig text (Algebra 2 text) the problem sets are good for future Engineers.   A little review wouldn't hurt from a different perspective. I would do at least a semester on with this book or another Algebra 2 text.

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