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Language Arts 8th Grade

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I have a soon to be 8th grader that will be doing mostly high school level work.  I need a language arts program for him.  He is more STEM oriented, but he has natural grammar and spelling skills.  He has a good vocaublary and can write just fine structually.  He HATES writing.  He complains over one paragraph assignments. I'd love to find a way to have him not complain every time I ask him for someting in writing (I don't care if it's hand written or typed).  He can write essays, research papers, stories, etc...he just complains every time he is assigned something.  I haven't been as on top of him with the writting regularly because of this. 

He plans to attend college, so this is going to be a necessary skill for him. 


Any ideas on fairly affordable curriculum for this?



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My oldest did not liking writing at all.  It was quite a challenge to find a program she liked.  She did enjoy Jump In quite a bit.  What really helped her though was AG's Essay writing program.  I think it has changed since we used it 5 years ago, but it was a good, to the point, overview of basic essay writing.


Language Arts has always been a challenge for me to plan.  How much grammar review?  How much literature?  What literature?  Vocab? 


For 8th grade, oldest used LLATL Gold American Lit, Easy Grammar (for review) and Word Roots.


For 8th grade, youngest used Foresman's Traditions (or Patterns...I can't remember which), Analytical Grammar, and IEW

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Moving Beyond the Page, Level 12-14.  We advanced DD to 9th grade based on a few things, and her LA content was a factor as well.  MBTP is for advanced/gifted kids so that level would be good for an extrmely advanced 12 yr old, a very advanced 13 or 14 yr old.  DD is 14.5, has always been advanced in LA and it is making her work very hard. lol

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